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Kevin Taylor

Member since: Jul 22, 2021
Published articles: 48

7 Modern, Traditional, and Other Canopy Bed Design Ideas

Previously, canopy beds were only found in the households of royalty and the very wealthy. Their ornate decorations, opulent curtains, and towering posts exuded a level of wealth and extravagance that...

Articles > Shopping > Shopping Tips Nov 29, 2021
Acquiring an Antique Grandfather Clock

Despite the fact that most people nowadays use their phones to keep time, there will always be people who appreciate the beautiful design and charming sounds of antique clocks. After all, a clock is...

Articles > Shopping > Electronics Aug 06, 2021
An Antique Desk: a Few Things to Keep in Mind

Desks are a necessity for most of us. Think about a stunning vintage choice if you love antiques. In many cases, they're built quite nicely. If it requires some work, you may be able to save money...

Articles > Shopping > Furniture Jul 30, 2021
Antique Beds Make Excellent Bedroom Focal Points

When considering the decorum of a room or your new home, think about which theme or themes you want to emulate. The interior design industry is quite diverse, ranging from the postmodern movement to...

Articles > Shopping > Shopping Tips Jan 09, 2022
Antique End Table Styles

Antique end tables come in a range of styles that reflect the times in which they were made. Because real items are expensive and difficult to obtain, modern furniture manufacturers frequently copy...

Articles > Shopping > Shopping Tips Sep 24, 2021
Antique Lamps: How to Spot Them

Do you have an antique or vintage lamp that could be worth a lot of money? Antique shops, estate auctions, estate sales, flea markets, and furniture stores are all buzzing with interest these days, so...

Articles > Shopping > Shopping Tips Feb 11, 2022
Antique Wood End Tables - a Fantastic Way to Add a Vintage Look to Your Space

Your home has a vintage feel to it. You have a lot of old fashioned and traditional furnishings, plus, decorations and a home interior to match. So, when you are going out shopping looking for new...

Articles > Shopping > Shopping Tips Oct 07, 2021
Be Wary of These Estate Sale Mistakes if You're a Bargain Hunter

Estate sales are a great opportunity to save money on furniture, tools, and collectibles. My living area is mostly furnished with estate sale finds that my husband and I have accumulated over the...

Articles > Shopping > Shopping Tips Dec 11, 2021
Bed Frame with a Canopy

Choosing the Right Canopy Bed Frame for Your SpaceThe popularity of canopy beds never seems to fade. Every time someone takes a glimpse at it, their various styles catch their attention. For thousands...

Articles > Arts & Entertainment > Antiques Jun 30, 2022
Blanket Chests Are the Most Versatile Pieces of Furniture

Many individuals are questioning themselves right now how blanket chests can be such a flexible piece of furniture. Don't they go at the foot of your bed, where you may store your blankets and quilts...

Articles > Arts & Entertainment > Antiques Jun 20, 2022
Buying Vintage Watches: a Buyer's Guide

Buyers in today's watch market are spoiled for choice, with a wide range of styles, functionalities, and materials to choose from. Others may find this intimidating, but committed watch collectors...

Articles > Shopping > Shopping Tips Dec 12, 2021
Chinese Furniture's History

People used to sit or kneel on straw mats on the floor in ancient China. Antique chinese Beds and mats were invented between the years 471 and 221 B.C. Then people began to relocate their daily...

Articles > Shopping > Shopping Tips Jan 13, 2022
Classic and Sophisticated Pocket Watches

Pocket watches have existed since the 1400s and are still in use today. Because they have been around for so long, these designs of timepieces have a classic feel to them that those that you wear on...

Articles > Arts & Entertainment > Antiques May 30, 2022
Coffee Pods Make Life Simple

You don't know what you're missing if you haven't found the convenience and popularity of coffee pods yet. Coffee pods are single-serving pods containing pre-measured coffee. The pods are a type of...

Articles > Food & Beverage > Coffee Mar 17, 2022
Dressers and Chests: How to Highlight Your Home

When decorating your house, you have the freedom to be creative with the materials you add to a room or area. Furniture is one of the nicest things you can add as a finishing touch to your room, and...

Articles > Arts & Entertainment > Antiques Jun 25, 2022
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