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Maria Butler

Member since: Dec 21, 2021
Published articles: 15

Bank's Climate Risk Strategies Based Around Tipping Points

The Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC) has issued a stern warning to the world about the dangers of exceeding the 2°C global warming limit. Future scenarios, which present a choice of...

Articles > Finance > Banking Jun 18, 2022
Banks Must Look at the U’S Responsible Banking Code for ‘Green Plans’

The 2020s will see dramatic changes for banks as climate change impacts their customers. Many are establishing climate change-specific risk metrics and KPIs, aiming at becoming partners and advisors...

Articles > Finance > Banking Feb 20, 2022
Banks Relying on Carbon Intensity to Manage Climate Change Risk

With nearly 200 countries signing the deal to prevent catastrophic effects of climate change, the Paris Agreement was deemed a success. The time to take action is now, but lofty aspirations of...

Articles > Finance > Banking May 12, 2022
Banks with Carbon Pricing Buit in Their Risk Planning Will Benefit

According to The Copernicus Climate Change Service, increasing greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions from industries around the world resulted in 2021 being the fifth warmest year on record, somewhat warmer...

Articles > Finance > Banking Apr 14, 2022
Border Carbon Adjustments on Banks’ Radars

The Paris Agreement, which was adopted by 196 parties at Conferences of the Parties (COPs), aims at limiting global warming well below 2, preferably to 1.5 degrees Celsius. One of the most highlighted...

Articles > Finance > Banking May 13, 2022
Climate Change Planning: Banks Weigh Risks of Devalued Stranded Assets 

Climate change will challenge businesses’ asset valuations in two main ways. Physical climate change itself will reshape the world, leaving previously fertile areas barren and making it difficult to...

Articles > Finance > Banking Mar 28, 2022
Co2 Emissions Can Be Checked by Stringent Regulations and Subsidies

Buildings account for 39% of total CO2 emissions including construction at 11% and operation at 28%. Governments will have to bring in stringent regulations on new builds as well as provide subsidies...

Articles > Finance > Banking Jan 23, 2022
Cops’ Pledges to Fight Climate Change Rarely Become Policy 

COP26 in Glasgow ended with an agreement to be ratified by participating countries and pledges around methane, coal, and deforestation. On the surface, these can be seen as market indicators for banks...

Articles > Finance > Banking Feb 17, 2022
Early Movers Set the Tone As Banks Plan for Climate Change Regulations

The financial community widely accepts that there will be rules and reporting expectations around climate change. In most jurisdictions, these are still in development or ‘Out for Comment’ stages, but...

Articles > Finance > Banking Mar 17, 2022
Financing, Innovation, and Mitigation Projects for Climate Change

Humans, animals, plants, and other living creatures require a specific environment to survive. Our planet has been heating up at a considerably faster rate than before the Industrial Revolution in the...

Articles > Finance > Banking May 15, 2022
Glasgo’s Cop26 Left Strong Directional Markers for Banks to Follow

COP26, in Glasgow, was held at a time of considerable concern. The promise of COP15, in Paris, where the world had united in an ambition to hold global warming to a manageable 2 degrees above 1990...

Articles > Finance > Banking Feb 26, 2022
Green Loans Can Be Defined Using Taxonomies Developed for Green Bonds

Financing mitigation against, and adaptation to, climate change requires an understanding of definitions of sustainability and the limits to them. There exists a basic framework that can be used as a...

Articles > Finance > Banking Mar 11, 2022
Green Transition Depends on the Consumption Rate of the Carbon Budget

Greenhouse gas emissions caused by humans are responsible for the increasing global warming, which threatens our planet’s natural balance. With the rising temperatures, investors and policymakers are...

Articles > Finance > Banking Apr 24, 2022
Physical and Regulatory Tipping Points in Green Finance

This decade represents our final chance to avert the most severe consequences of climate change while directing the world toward a net-zero future. According to the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate...

Articles > Finance > Banking Jun 23, 2022
Public-Private Finance Schemes Are Markers to De-Risking Green Finance

Greening the economy involves improving the quality of our environment and tackling climate change, which is a major economic and financial challenge. It is largely dependent on government funding...

Articles > Finance > Banking Apr 10, 2022
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