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Jai Gaitonde

Member since: Apr 22, 2015
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Sl350Od Outdoor Stairlift - Ideal Option to Negotiate Outdoor Stairs

Do you find your loved ones with mobility issues struggling with an outdoor staircase? In a home with stairs from the porch to the garden or driveway, the elderly often find themselves confined to the...

Articles > Home & Garden > Home Improvement Apr 22, 2015
Sl350Od – a Reliable Outdoor Stairlift

People with mobility challenges face serious problems when it comes to accessing stairs, especially outdoor stairs, such as those that lead from the doorway or porch to the garden. Outdoor stair lifts...

Articles > Home & Garden > Home Improvement Jan 13, 2016
Stairlifts- Choose the Right Model for Your Home or Commercial Building

Whether your need is to install a stairlift in your home or commercial building in Long Island, choosing the right model is important. The right lift would allow the user to easily navigate the stairs...

Articles > Business & Careers > Sales Jun 22, 2016
The Stiltz Home Elevator – an Economical Alternative to a Stair Lift

Most wheelchair users and people who live in two-story homes and have difficulty with stairs opt to install a stairlift to improve access in their homes. Actually, there a better option – a Stiltz...

Articles > Home & Garden > Home Improvement Apr 19, 2016
Top Models of Residential Elevators Available in New York

Residential elevators allow improved access to all levels of your home. They can also be used to transport items such as laundry, furniture, seasonal items and groceries from floor to floor. A home...

Articles > Home & Garden > Home Improvement Feb 19, 2016
Harma’s Residential Vertical Platform Lift for Safe and Smooth Deck or Porch Access

Vertical platform lifts allow wheelchair users and other people with mobility problems to move from one level of a building to another easily and safely. In homes, they are an economical solution that...

Articles > Business & Careers > Sales Aug 21, 2015
Benefits of Installing a Residential Elevator

Today, residential elevators are installed not only in huge mansions but also in many ordinary houses with more and more people becoming aware of the many advantages they offer. They provide valuable...

Articles > Business & Careers > Sales May 19, 2016
Different Uses of Dumbwaiters

A dumbwaiter is small freight lift that connects two or more floors. It helps in carrying goods from one floor to another. It can also be used a type of portable serving stand or table. It usually...

Articles > Home & Garden > Home Improvement May 11, 2016
Eclipse – a Quality Elevator for New and Existing Homes

Elevators have become an indispensable part of modern residential buildings. Residential elevators enhance the mobility and independence of the elderly and people with disabilities, add to the...

Articles > Home & Garden > Home Improvement Jul 03, 2015
Il500 Sierra Incline Platform Lift – a Quality Accessibility Option for Residences

When it comes to access between the floors of a building, platform lifts are an ideal option for wheelchair users. Unlike stair lifts, wheelchair lifts as they are also called, do not require the user...

Articles > Business & Careers > Sales Jul 14, 2015
Il500 Sierra Incline – a Convenient Space-Saving Residential Platform Lift

Climbing up and down the stairs can prove to be difficult task for seniors or people with mobility issues. Assistive devices help in such situations and stair lifts are an ideal option. These devices...

Articles > Business & Careers > Sales Jun 03, 2015
Inclined Platform Lifts – Improved Access for Wheelchair Users

Inclined platform lifts are built to carry a person seated in a wheelchair up and down a stairway safely, smoothly and comfortably. These lifts can be used in homes and commercial buildings. While a...

Articles > Home & Garden > Home Improvement Mar 16, 2016
Learn About the Different Types of Wheelchair Lifts

A wheelchair lift or platform lift is designed to move a person seated in a wheelchair between the floors of a building. Available for residential and commercial purposes, they are ideal for buildings...

Articles > Business & Careers > Sales Jul 12, 2016
Lula Elevators – Safe and Reliable Choice for Low-Rise Commercial Buildings

LULA (limited use/limited application) elevators are designed to provide accessibility in low-rise commercial buildings such as schools, places of worship, hospitals, stations, airports, clubs, and...

Articles > Business & Careers > Sales May 21, 2015
P-300 Portable Ceiling Lift – Ideal Solution for Comfortable Patient Transfers

Caring for a person with mobility issues can prove to be strenuous and challenging task. In most cases, handling patients requires caregivers to have the strength to perform tasks that involve manual...

Articles > Business & Careers > Sales May 13, 2015
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