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Michael File

Member since: Jul 02, 2015
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Cyber Security

"The use of the Internet for criminal purposes is one of the most critical challenges facing the FBI and law enforcement in general. Understanding, and using the Internet to combat Internet fraud, is...

Articles > Internet > Web Hosting Jul 02, 2015
Why Cyber Security is Important

Reputation Attack: Lessons Learned from the Ashley Madison BreechThe Ashley Madison hack and subsequent release of the site’s Users information is a scary indication of things to come. Many hackers...

Articles > Internet > Newsletters Sep 17, 2015
The Anatomy of a Cyber Attack

To know how to stop cyber attacks you need to know how they work. The following seven steps describe the anatomy of a cyber attack: The cyber criminal, or hacker, gains entry through an email, a...

Articles > Internet > Newsletters Jul 10, 2015
Cyber Threats: Point of Sale Attack

Point-of-sale attacks happen when hackers use malicious software expressly written to steal customer payment data, especially credit card data, from retail checkout systems. Hackers, or Cyber...

Articles > Internet > Web Hosting Sep 07, 2015
Ransom Ware - Secure the Network

Ransom ware is malware for data kidnapping, an exploit in which the attacker encrypts the victim's data and demands payment for the decryption key. Ransom ware spreads through e-mail attachments...

Articles > Internet > Web Hosting Jul 28, 2015

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