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Ken Donaldson

United States Minor Outlying Islands

Member since: Mar 07, 2013
Published articles: 34

5 Important Things to Know About a Canadian Corporate Tax Expert

Are you planning for hiring a corporate tax expert in Canada? If it is a yes, then go through the following points. If it is a no, then still go through the points given below. It is because you will...

Articles > Finance > Taxes Feb 23, 2014
A Tax Consultant to Help You Gain Financial Stability!

Every year we all have to pay tax to the government, for all our purchases and services, no matter which country you live in. the amount of tax one needs to pay depends on the basis of his income and...

Articles > Finance > Taxes Oct 31, 2013
All You Need to Know About Canadian Tax & Tax Havens

A tax haven is a country where taxes are nonexistent or are very low. To describe it in a more complex manner, it is said that it is a place where there is no relevant taxes that are levied. There are...

Articles > Finance > Taxes Oct 09, 2013
Basic Facts You Need to Know About Canadian Income Tax

There are various types of income tax systems with varying degrees of tax incidence in Canada. The level of Canadian income tax is average among Organization for Economic Co-operation and Development...

Articles > Finance > Taxes Oct 09, 2013
Canadian Tax Laws

Canadian Tax laws are implemented by both federal as well as provincial governments.According to the 1930 ruling of the Canadian Supreme Court:it is imposed by the tax rules of the countryit is...

Articles > Finance > Taxes Nov 30, 2013
Canadian Taxation of Non-Residents and Income Tax Experts

The citizens of Canada pays taxes on there worldwide income. So, there should be a plan to avoid paying more taxes than you should. Since the system is to pay taxes on all your domestic and overseas...

Articles > Finance > Taxes Nov 30, 2013
Canadian Taxes

Tax payments are headaches and at the same time mandatory. Being a citizen of a country it is important to pay all the taxes levied by the government of the country which we often feel as an...

Articles > Finance > Taxes Oct 31, 2013
Canadian Taxes on the Business

The corporate taxes are the income tax which is levied by the federal government of Canada on the corporate. These taxes are applicable under all the private corporations in Canada which comes under...

Articles > Finance > Taxes Oct 03, 2013
Corporate Tax and Immigrant Trusts

Corporate tax in Canada forms a very small part of the total revenue generated by all kinds of taxes in the country. All the corporate houses in Canada are taxed on the gains from different commercial...

Articles > Finance > Taxes Nov 30, 2013
Customized Professional Help for Taxation Needs!

People dread the word income tax; all that comes to their mind, when they hear it, is loss of a fraction of their salaries. In the times we are in, money to people is the most important thing. It is a...

Articles > Finance > Taxes Oct 31, 2013
Few Important Facets of Canada-US Tax Treaties

Many countries have agreed with other countries in treaties to ease the effects of double taxation (Double Tax Avoidance Agreement). Tax treaties may cover income taxes, inheritance taxes; value added...

Articles > Finance > Taxes Oct 09, 2013
Get Firsthand Knowledge of Nonresident Taxation Policies!

Income tax or taxation in general is something that most of us are confused about. This confusion is generated by the host of legalities surrounding the entire process. Income taxes are not only...

Articles > Finance > Taxes Oct 31, 2013
Get the Most out of Taxes

The Canadian government levies taxes on Canadian citizens who are earning by making a business there or making a living by some source of income made out of an employment in the country. Every country...

Articles > Finance > Taxes Oct 31, 2013
Guidelines to Corporation Tax for Every Novice

Corporation Tax is a tax subjected to the earnings of limited organizations, societies and other unincorporated systems. This article details each and every aspect of corporate tax. Hence if you are a...

Articles > Finance > Taxes Feb 23, 2014
How to Choose a Tax Accountant in Toronto?

Be it Toronto or any other place in the world, does it make any sense anyway?You never know when you may need the expert guidance of a tax financial consultant. "Audit" always creates panic among...

Articles > Finance > Taxes Feb 22, 2014
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