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Rimita Desai


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Health is Important and So is Your Health Insurance Policy

Insurance is equal to protection. This is the fundamental way in which people can understand what insurance means. There are many types of insurance and the most common is the life insurance. Almost...

Articles > Finance > Insurance Mar 02, 2016
5 Mistakes to Avoid for Two Wheeler Insurance Plans Online Purchase

Whenever you are considering an insurance done on your two-wheeler, make sure you don’t omit anything important. Always select the policies which are flexible with your choices and personal...

Articles > Finance > Insurance Mar 29, 2016
5 Reasons Why Travel Insurance Policy is Necessary

Travel insurance is necessarily an extra expense which a traveler need to make over and above the cost of travel,commuting,eating and lodging in different locations spend during a trip.Though the...

Articles > Finance > Insurance Apr 22, 2017
Buy Car Insurance Online Plans India and Save Your Valuable Time

Technically, getting insurance for your car will practically take one minute of your time once you are planning to avail services from experts now. There are some online insurance companies available...

Articles > Finance > Insurance Jan 29, 2016
Buy Two Wheeler Insurance Online and Safeguard Your Motorbikes

The improper condition of roads and people with no driving ethics are two of the major reasons for why most of the two wheelers are losing control. Recent statistics clearly mentioned that people on...

Articles > Finance > Insurance Jan 30, 2016
Buy Your Car Insurance Plans Online to Carefully Protect from Un-Natural Damage in India

A car insurance plan technically offers two sets of cover, the own damage cover and the third party cover. A policy which offers both these types of cover into a one single packet it is called a...

Articles > Finance > Insurance Aug 11, 2016
Buying an Individual Travel Insurance Plan Online with Few Easy Steps

Travel insurance is quite not similar what it used to be few years ago. Now individual travelers have also started understanding the importance of the same. With the advent of Individual travel...

Articles > Finance > Insurance Feb 03, 2017
Car Insurance, Does It Have Real Benefit

Understanding the real value behind any kind of policy like car insurance is tough for a layman to understand. Unlike an investment instrument which has clear value proposition that you get certain...

Articles > Finance > Insurance Jan 02, 2017
Compare Best Term Insurance Policy with Income Tax Benefits in India

Term insurance policies in India are believed are effective financial instruments for protecting your financial health. The insurers technically charge minimum fee which is the termed as the premium...

Articles > Finance > Insurance Aug 25, 2016
Components Covered by Motor Insurance Online Plans and Its Benifits

Cars may still be a luxury for many people, but there is no dearth of people owning one. Roads are jam-packed with cars and this increases traffic on the roads, which in turn increases the chances of...

Articles > Finance > Insurance Jun 26, 2016
Do Term Insurance Plans Offer Surrender Value?

When it comes to insurance plans, you cannot afford to make mistakes. It is meant for your financial security, but more often people buy an insurance plan that is popular in their friend circle and...

Articles > Finance > Insurance Jun 29, 2016
Factors in Selecting the Best Term Insurance Plans Online

Insurance selection is not that easy. The major reason of applying for insurance is to give a cover to your loved ones and dependents when you are no more. Do compare term insurance plans online...

Articles > Finance > Insurance Apr 06, 2016
Few Things to Look into While Comparing Car Insurance Plans Online

Alike two wheeler where the renewal rates are very low if we see from the perspective of car insurance.One of the main reasons may be the high cost of repair which even in a regular scenario can also...

Articles > Finance > Insurance Oct 22, 2016
Getting to Know Your Two Wheeler Insurance Plan Online

In India close to only 13% of two wheeler plans are actually renewed, the main reason behind the low rate of renewal is that people find it hard understand the value in a 2 wheeler insurance policy...

Articles > Finance > Insurance Oct 18, 2016
Here's Why You Should Buy Two Wheeler Insurance Plans Online

Looking at the traffic on the roads of Indian metros today you can easily say that two wheelers have now become lifeline for most Indian commuters. Whether it is part of daily commuting exercise to...

Articles > Finance > Insurance Sep 22, 2016
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