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Hassan Elhais

Member since: Jan 08, 2016
Published articles: 16

Business Laws & Regulations in Dubai, Uae

With its stellar growth, Dubai has been known for alluring every business opportunists due its efficient licensing rules, infrastructure, and ease of work. In a survey "the World Bank's Ease of Doing...

Articles > Legal & Law > Other Feb 09, 2016
Methods of Divorce Under Sharia Law

Opting for separation after marriage can tear apart life of both a man and a woman. It is totally an uncalled situation that some couples have to go through if their marriage doesn't work. However...

Articles > Legal & Law > Other Feb 11, 2016
All You Need to Know About Divorce in the Uae

Failed, abusive relationships lead to people getting divorced. One thing everyone who is undergoing a divorce should be aware of is the divorce proceeding. It is here where they may need assistance of...

Articles > Legal & Law > Other Jun 12, 2020
Basic Corporate Laws for Business in Dubai

Commercial Law, otherwise known as Business Law, is the set of laws which governs commercial dealings in a jurisdiction. There are many law firms in UAE which specializes in providing advises related...

Articles > Legal & Law > Other Sep 18, 2017
Family Dispute: Need to Consult a Family Lawyer in Uae?

Family is a fundamental part of any society, and eventually the meaning of family itself is referred in legal jargon, and several legislations explicitly administer disputes pertaining to family...

Articles > Legal & Law > Other Oct 25, 2019
Few Indicators That You Are Inclined Towards Divorce in the Uae

Many people in the UAE consider divorce as giving up or failure. A decision for divorce is not a quick and easy decision to make, especially when kids and finances are involved. However, it is not...

Articles > Legal & Law > Other Jun 27, 2021
Her’s How You Find an Expert Criminal Attorney in Uae

Finding a criminal lawyer in the UAE is easy, considering the number of established criminal law firms in the UAE. But finding a criminal lawyer that’s best suited for your case isn’t as easy as it...

Articles > Legal & Law > Criminal Feb 19, 2021
Learning Ua’s Divorce Laws

All UAE residents – Emiratis, Ex-pats, Muslims and Non-Muslims – are expected to follow Article 1 of Federal Law No. 28 of 2005. So, all residents living/working in UAE with a valid residency visa can...

Articles > Legal & Law > Other Jul 09, 2021
Legal Consultants' Skills That Can Help You

It is the crucial skill sets of a legal consultant that can help you out in legal cases in Dubai and elsewhere. Should you ever require legal assistance, these skills will help you gain an upper edge...

Articles > Legal & Law > Other Nov 07, 2020
Major Benefits of Hiring Criminal Lawyer in Uae

Expert who deals with issues caused by criminal offences is criminal lawyers. They are trained to analyse the case and find evidence through weaknesses, errors and create defence strategies that can...

Articles > Legal & Law > Criminal May 24, 2020
Protecting Interest of the Party in Divorce Proceedings

This article elaborates how to protect interest of each parties to the divorce proceedings. In the UAE, rights and interest of both the UAE residents and expats are protected under Article 1 of...

Articles > Legal & Law > Other Oct 19, 2018
Risks and Rewards of Buying Property in Dubai

Dubai has long been a popular location for investors, especially expatriates. According to property lawyers in Dubai the dynamics and life style of Dubai, coupled with business opportunities stemming...

Articles > Legal & Law > Intellectual Property Sep 19, 2017
What is the Importance of Maritime Law?

Maritime law is a collection of laws and understandings that control and exercise the seas. The locale of law manages how people collaborate and cooperate on the waters of the world. Called the...

Articles > Legal & Law > Other Jul 17, 2020
When Do You Need a Lawyer?

Car accidents to disputes with the neighbour, from estate plan or legal document drafting, several situations could lead you to wonder whether you will need help from the best lawyer in Dubai or will...

Articles > Legal & Law > Other Jan 03, 2020
When Should You Hire Property and Real Estate Lawyers in Uae?

Property disputes are cases where landlords need to hire a lawyer to manage the issues. If you are a landlord, you must be having a lawyer as a backup to handle routine questions and problems in...

Articles > Legal & Law > Intellectual Property Apr 24, 2020
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