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Prateek Jha


Member since: Jan 23, 2016
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Essential Features and Coverage of Tata Aig Travel Insurance

You must be planning sight-seeing, business meetings, outdoor shopping and more while going on a tour with your family or corporate friends. In fact, these fun activities add on to your tour by...

Articles > Finance > Insurance Aug 01, 2016
5 Best Health Insurance for Senior Citizens in India

What is Health Insurance?Health insurance policies offer a different kind of coverage against different kind of unfortunate events. It provides assistance in case the policyholder meets any medical...

Articles > Finance > Insurance Aug 12, 2016
5 Commonly Missed Points While Taking Mediclaim Insurance in India

Buying oneself the most suitable health insurance policy is amongst the key decisions to be taken by an individual. It is understood that nobody wants to stake one’s life, then why not health? One...

Articles > Finance > Insurance May 20, 2016
5 Reasons Why Health Insurance is Important

There comes a point in everybody’s life where a person wants to relax and take a back seat. This is because he or she has worked hard all his/her life, took care of people around him, and provided for...

Articles > Finance > Insurance Apr 18, 2018
5 Things Only Smart People Know About Insurance!!

Reports have proven that an approximate of seventy percent Indians are under insured. Usually people don’t go through the terms and conditions of the insurance policies, which often lead them to the...

Articles > Finance > Insurance Oct 24, 2016
Best Healthcare Plans for Senior Citizen and Parents

Health insurance cover has become one of the most vital needs of life. It is as basic and essential as food, house and clothes. Along with the growing rate of inflation in India, medical expenses are...

Articles > Finance > Insurance Sep 04, 2018
Crucial Things to Check Before Buying Motor Insurance

Before you start driving your brand new car, you need to protect yourself against any mishap. This is the reason that it is very important to buy motor insurance. Most motor policies available in the...

Articles > Finance > Insurance Sep 30, 2016
Ensure Safety and Wellbeing of You and Your Family with Proper Health Insurance Plan

It's very important to choose the right health insurance plans which satisfy all your requirements. This decision is very important for not just you, but for your family. Previously, there was very...

Articles > Finance > Insurance Nov 24, 2016
Health Insurance Policies Offered by Bajaj Allianz Insurance

Bajaj Allianz General Insurance provides the complete three sixty degree packages in all the aspects of the insurance sector. If you are looking forward to buy a comprehensive health insurance plan...

Articles > Finance > Insurance Mar 23, 2017
How Comprehensive Car Insurance Should Be in India

In the country of India, especially in the region of Delhi/NCR, you would see jam-packed roads during the daytime. In the morning, you would see people commuting to their workplaces, starting from...

Articles > Finance > Insurance May 19, 2016
How to Ensure That Your Parents Are Insured Right

Owing to the increasing inflation in medical expenses, it has become necessary for individuals to purchase medical insurance at early age and if it is to do with their family, then purchasing the...

Articles > Finance > Insurance Nov 07, 2016
Pay Health Insurance Premiums Through Tax Savings!

Income tax is the tax payable by a person on his/her income. The Income Tax Act allows for tax exemptions under its various sections; one such section is the section 80 D of the income tax actwhich...

Articles > Finance > Insurance Jan 05, 2017
Read How Car Insurance Protects Your Car

A single car insurance plan can include several types fo benefits and coverage. It is more than just a car insurance as it protects your car from any damage or loss due to any unfortunate event like...

Articles > Finance > Insurance May 02, 2016
Top 5 Health Insurance Companies That Rocked in 2016

There was a time when health insurance plans were a luxury for the Indians. However, these days the picture has changed and people want to buy as many as they can afford. There are different types of...

Articles > Finance > Insurance Nov 18, 2016
What Are the Best Health Insurance Plans for Your Family?

Although there is no dearth of health insurance policies in India today, but still it is very complicated for policy buyers to decide the best Family Health Insurance and Mediclaim Plans for Family...

Articles > Finance > Insurance Oct 14, 2016
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