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A Guide to Keep Your Voice Healthy

Be it a stage performance, an audition, or a regular singing, you need to keep your voice healthy. Discover some tips to maintain your vocal folds efficiently. Taking up professional voice lessons in...

Articles > Arts & Entertainment > Music Aug 19, 2017
Benefits of Joining Music Classes

Music education contributes to children’s intellectual development. Enrolling a music school can bring a number of benefits such as it promotes better communication, creativity and craftsmanship...

Articles > Arts & Entertainment > Music Apr 29, 2016
Helpful Tips for Learning Piano

Piano is one of the most interesting and magnificent musical instruments. It is highly admired by people of all ages. You can learn piano anytime you want by joining professional Piano Classes in San...

Articles > Arts & Entertainment > Music Apr 19, 2016
Learn Pizzicato Quickly Without Hurting Yourself

Check out this brief guide that will definitely get you acquainted with how to learn pizzicato quickly without hurting yourself. Pizzicato often is abbreviated as "Pizz" that means you should pluck...

Articles > Reference & Education > Childhood Education Jun 20, 2017
Mistakes a Beginner Guitarist Could Be Making

The guitar is a wonderful string instrument to play. Check out what mistakes most beginner guitarists make in this guide. Getting a first guitar is pretty darn thrilling. As soon as you pick it up and...

Articles > Arts & Entertainment > Music Jun 09, 2017
The Basics of Learning Violin

The violin is one such musical instrument that adds charm and audacity to your personality. As there are several benefits of joining Violin lessons, you must choose an ideal music school in your area...

Articles > Reference & Education > Languages Aug 02, 2016
This is Why You Need Voice Classes in San Jose

Whether your goal is to become a professional singer or just learn more about what your voice can do, voice lessons are well worth the investment.When people want to learn how to play an instrument...

Articles > Reference & Education > Childhood Education Jun 26, 2017
Tips for Overcoming Stage Fright While Singing

With a lot of practice and by taking lessons from a professional, one can build confidence and can overcome the stage fright. For the aspiring singers, performance anxiety or stage fright can be a...

Articles > Reference & Education > Online Education Feb 14, 2017
Tips on Finding the Perfect Guitar Instructor

To master the art of playing a guitar, you need to get qualified teacher as teacher can teach you the proper techniques of playing a guitar. Before getting a guitar teacher, it is necessary to learn...

Articles > Arts & Entertainment > Music Jun 16, 2016
Useful Exercises for Aspiring Singers

Every aspiring singer and a beginner must do some exercises to have a beautiful voice. Check out some of the essential exercises that will definitely help you. The professionals in a licensed vocal...

Articles > Reference & Education > Childhood Education May 26, 2017
Ways to Breathe Right for Good Singing

Breathing is an important component that contributes to good singing. Check out this comprehensive guide to explore three ways to breathe right for good singing. According to the professionals...

Articles > Arts & Entertainment > Music Oct 23, 2017
Ways to Use Guitar Licks

Guitar licks are really interesting to learn and implement as well. Check out this promising guide that will get you acquainted with the ways to use guitar licks. It’s great to learn and build a...

Articles > Arts & Entertainment > Music Sep 26, 2017
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