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Amy Johnson

Member since: Aug 20, 2013
Published articles: 34

3 Great Apps to Optimize Your Credit Card Use

Many people remember the day they received their first credit card. Most people go through this joy at 18 years old and have their first real taste of being an adult. After the years go by, the...

Articles > Finance > Credit Oct 08, 2013
3 Things You Should Know About Bad Credit Auto Loans

Your blemished credit history might not mean that you are banned from ever getting an auto loan again. While it might not be as easy as it used to be and you might have to pay a higher interest rate...

Articles > Finance > Loans Oct 06, 2013
5 Colleges for Students Who Want to Graduate Debt-Free

There are many colleges that understand the financial situation of students and try their best to give them the education they desire. Some provide grants and scholarships, while others allow the...

Articles > Finance > Credit Oct 08, 2013
Baby Boomers: a Targeted Segment for ID Theft

In the last few decades, seniors have become easy targets of identity theft and fraud. Their online transactions, computer, and online accounts, and their mobile applications have actually become an...

Articles > Finance > Personal Finance Dec 04, 2013
Can Searching for a Job Leave You Vulnerable to Identity Theft?

Since the early 1990s, job seekers have been finding new advantages in searching for a job by embracing online job posting sites such as In addition to serving as a searchable database of...

Articles > Computers > Security Oct 08, 2013
College Budget Management Tips

Heading off to university or college is an exciting time for students that are looking forward to learning new things, making new friends, and having the chance to live their lives free from parental...

Articles > Finance > Credit Oct 07, 2013
Debit Card Vs. Credit Card: Which One is Better for Your Credit Score?

Ever go to purchase something at the store, swipe your bank card and the little screen pad asks credit or debit? Sure you have. Anyone who has ever used a bank card will have received that same...

Articles > Finance > Credit Nov 27, 2013
Defend Your Business from Cyber-Attacks

Even if your business isn’t online, you may still have to deal with hackers and those who would steal your business information and use it for their own ends. It’s very important to know how to...

Articles > Computers > Security Oct 08, 2013
Families with Bad Credit Still Get Loans and Avoid Debt Relief

With rising college costs and the increasing importance of a degree, more and more students are finding themselves deeper and deeper in debt when they graduate and enter into the job pool. Other...

Articles > Finance > Loans Oct 08, 2013
Financial Tips: 4 Credit Mistakes Married Couples Make

Congratulations! You’ve just gotten married and things are going great. We can’t be more thrilled for you, absolutely, but we also can’t help but worry for you. Right now you’re in that “honeymoon...

Articles > Finance > Personal Finance Nov 09, 2013
Five Tips for Becoming Financially Stable

Do you feel like you’re always on the edge of being destitute? Do you have ever-growing piles of debt but very little income? There are many things that can make a person feel financially insecure...

Articles > Finance > Credit Oct 08, 2013
Hack Proof Passwords: the First Line of Defense Against Identity Theft

Today, consumers engage in a wide host of transactions online. We pay bills, make purchases, do our banking, file taxes, and many other actions that utilize our personal information such as credit...

Articles > Computers > Security Oct 09, 2013
How to Prepare Your Finances to Quit Your Job

Whether you are leaving your job because you have found something better, are moving or are just plain fed up, being prepared is your first step. It can be overwhelming and stressful when you quit...

Articles > Finance Oct 26, 2013
Is Cyber Security a Concern for America?

It is obvious that something is important if the president of the United States takes time to address it. President Obama has declared that the risk of cyber threats, scams, and attacks are among the...

Articles > Computers > Security Oct 08, 2013
Is the Housing Recovery Real?

Everyone is talking about the housing recovery, but is it for real this time or are people just being overly optimistic? This time all signs point to the fact that the industry is improving, at least...

Articles > Finance > Credit Oct 09, 2013
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