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3 Ways to Be More Comfortable in Your Body

And no, you won't be required to turn yourself into a clone of Scarlett Johansson to achieve this. I was once told by a friend that I "look so comfortable in my body". At the time, I viewed this as an...

Articles > Shopping > Fashion Dec 26, 2016
7 Alternatives to the Wedding Band

A recent New York Times article reports on men who don’t wear wedding bands. The trend doesn’t stop at men. Ways of outwardly showing commitment, or not, are as varied as relationships themselves...

Articles > Shopping > Clothing Jun 27, 2016
7 Fashion Designers to Watch in 2017

Molly Goddard (Photo:formal dresses melbourne) Probably a name you’re already familiar with, Molly Goddard cemented her title as fashion’s brightest new star when she scooped the British Emerging...

Articles > Shopping > Fashion Dec 22, 2016
A First Look Inside the Newly Renovated Hotel

It’s hard not to think of the decades-spanning construction that transformed Louis XIII’s simple countryside hunting lodge into his son’s great palace at Versailles when considering the nearly four...

Articles > Shopping > Fashion Aug 02, 2016
A Khadi Way of Thinking

Years ago, 25 to be exact, fashion designer Ritu Beri chose khadi as a fabric to launch her brand. It was a textile she was comfortable with; after all, Beri saw everyone from her forefathers to...

Articles > Shopping > Fashion Oct 31, 2016
Accord to Inspect Liberty Fashions Factory on Mar 22

Accord, a platform of more than 200 European retailers, is set to conduct an initial inspection of Liberty Fashion Wears Ltd, once a major supplier of its members, on March 22, as directed by the High...

Articles > Shopping > Clothing Mar 20, 2017
Alice Temperley Takes Up Her Pen, Once Again, for Rizzoli Book

British designer Alice Temperley is further documenting her creative journey with a second book, "Alice Temperley: English Myths and Legends." Written by Temperley and published by Rizzoli, the...

Articles > Shopping > Fashion May 25, 2017
Ambitious Valerie Blogging Fashion with Style

(Photo:black formal dresses) Most of the young people in Kenya would rather blog for some cash or fail, due to insufficient time or competition for traffic and site visits. Valerie Lihabi has always...

Articles > Shopping > Fashion Nov 22, 2016
Anyone Can Pull off a Denim Skirt

Those who are trend-conscious know that fashion is nothing if not cyclical. It’s a snake eating its own tail. And, as was inevitable, the mouth of said snake has reached a particularly stiff...

Articles > Shopping > Fashion Apr 11, 2017
Armani Boosts Young Designers

Models applied the finishing touches and prepared for the fashion runway. On show was the work of three young Asian designers all chosen by Giorgiol Armani. He collaborated with the Italian fashion...

Articles > Shopping > Fashion Jan 20, 2017
Author Makunda Ewing on Her Book ‘God’s Glamour Girls Rule’

Makunda Ewing is an educator, woman of God and now author. Ewing talks about her latest book, God’s Glamour Girls Rule. She wrote the book "to build healthy self-esteem and self-worth in young ladies...

Articles > Shopping > Clothing Jul 18, 2017
Back in Style This Fall Are Flare Jeans with Frayed Hems, and off the Shoulder Tops

Lindsey Lennard has a passion for a fashion. As a young girl in Louisiana, she played dress-up in her grandmother’s gowns and always insisted in choosing her own outfits from the early age of 5...

Articles > Shopping > Clothing Sep 01, 2017
Bad Beti's Using Nightlife to Make a Difference During Asian-American

It is an exciting time to be a Chicago event creator. Members of marginalized communities have found the resources to create events that speak to their members. Whether the events are music, social...

Articles > Shopping > Fashion May 12, 2017
Boy George on Make-Up, Fashion, and Dealing with Haters

Music icon Boy George made his name in pop culture with his soulful voice as the lead singer of Grammy Award-winning band Culture Club—and his loud, colorful make-up and androgynous style. In a press...

Articles > Shopping > Fashion Jun 17, 2016
Can Thermal Spring Water Really Help Your Skin

Thermal water isn't just tap water in a fancy bottle (or at least we hope it isn't). It's water distilled and bottled from hot springs, which are underground and are warmed by the Earth's geothermal...

Articles > Shopping > Fashion Jul 12, 2017
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