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Jessy Jose


Member since: Aug 01, 2016
Published articles: 28

Right Investments: Unemotionally Create a Financial Plan

An instrument that provides both insurance coverage and savings component in the same package is what ULIPs are. It’s a type of life insurance with special features and advantages of its own. What...

Articles > Finance > Insurance Nov 17, 2016
Tax Saving Opportunities with Investments in Child Plans

Needs only multiply, but expenses never go down. In times like today, fending for an individual self is a big deal. And when you have a family that solely depends on you for their financial...

Articles > Finance > Insurance Jan 18, 2017
Five Things to Always Keep in Mind when Buying a Term Plan

Term plan life insurance is easily the most simple and easy form of life insurance. This insurance comes at a low premium and if the policyholder survives the term of the insurance, he or she does not...

Articles > Finance > Insurance Apr 24, 2018
Best Safe Investments with High Returns & Tax Savings

With the end of the financial year approaching fast we’re all on the lookout for the best places to put our money in. You can invest it with an endowment policy or savings plan. But the most important...

Articles > Finance > Insurance Mar 17, 2017
Best Short Term Investment Plans for Beginners

There’s never a bad time to invest your money. You may be in your twenties or thirties, forties or even fifties; it’s never too late or early to invest your money. But if patience is not your forte...

Articles > Finance > Insurance May 30, 2017
Best Tax Saving Options Available for Investment

IntroductionTax planning is an important element and is as important as tax saving.One needs to manage their portfolio well in order to reap maximum possible tax benefits from their investments.Read...

Articles > Finance > Taxes Apr 17, 2017
Getting Health Insurance with Stage 4 Cancer

Health insurance plans cover most of your medical expenses. It’s something that you must invest in and this need has been realized by a lot of people. With the advancement in medical science, there...

Articles > Finance > Insurance Mar 24, 2017
How to Make the Most of Tax Saving Provisions

One of the main advantages of saving and investing money apart from the obvious monetary benefits is that they can help you save on your income tax as well. This is what urges most investors to invest...

Articles > Finance > Insurance Jul 19, 2017
Life Insurance: a Tax Saving Tool for Women Too

Women are no longer just homemakers. That era is long gone, now women have careers and jobs of their own. They are educated and hardworking, just as much as the men in society. They are also in some...

Articles > Finance > Insurance Jan 24, 2017
Looking for the Right Retirement Savings Plan for You? Her’s Our Quick Guide.

Retirement is when you end your employment completely, may be willingly or out of circumstances. Whatever the case may be, you need to plan for your retirement years right from now. The retirement...

Articles > Finance > Insurance Dec 22, 2016
Term Insurance Plan - Investment or Expense?

Term life insurance is probably the most sold insurance policy, but at the same time it is the most debated insurance policy too. The reason term plans see so many takers is because they come at a low...

Articles > Finance > Insurance Jan 24, 2018
Term Policy- the Ultimate Protection Plan for the Family

One of the biggest fears of a sole earning member of the family is not death but what happens to the family if something were to happen to them. For that reason alone, banks and other financial...

Articles > Finance > Insurance Nov 28, 2017
Top Reasons Why Ulip Can Help Secure You and the Needs of Your Family

ULIP or unit linked insurance plan is a type of insurance. What set this apart from pure insurance policy is the fact that it not only offers you coverage for the specific tenure but also make an...

Articles > Finance > Insurance Sep 27, 2016
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