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5 Tips to Choose the Best Rummy Site

Are you planning to enter into the exciting world of online playing card games? If yes, then gear up to register in one of the most exciting sites offering rummy card games. Of all the card games...

Articles > Computers > Computer Games May 12, 2017
5 Tips to Select the Best Gaming Site

Read Reviews Online @ It’s always good to read about the site you’re planning to join before joining. For example, if you want to play poker online, there are many sites like or...

Articles > Computers > Computer Games Aug 08, 2017
5 Traits of Professional Rummy Players

Indian Rummy is a popular card game based on the draw and discard of cards. Contrary to the popular myth that it is based on luck, it is a game of skill. You can win the game only when you learn the...

Articles > Computers > Computer Games Mar 01, 2017
6 Common Mistakes Made by Rummy Players

It is human nature to be prone to mistakes. Gullible masses take hasty decisions and are plotting their own downfall. Rummy is no exception. A few mistakes and strategy loopholes in the game will...

Articles > Computers > Computer Games Nov 08, 2016
6 Distractions You Should Avoid While Playing Rummy Online

Rummy Online is an easy and interesting card game. But it is foremost important to follow some etiquette while playing rummy failing which could cause you to lose heavily. Attention to the game is...

Articles > Computers > Computer Games Jun 29, 2017
8 Good Quotes on Playing Cards

There are so many expressions and words that we use in our daily conversations which have its origins in card games. For Instance, we often use words like "What’s the big deal", "This is a great...

Articles > Computers > Computer Games Aug 28, 2017
8 Prerequisite for Playing Mobile Rummy

Are you ready to take a stroll in the exciting world of online rummy? Now, with multiple ways to play rummy, the game’s popularity has soared to an all-time high. It’s the right time to plunge into...

Articles > Computers > Computer Games Feb 07, 2017
8 Things to Avoid While Playing Online Rummy

We’ve always mentioned that online Rummy is an easy game that can be played easily by everyone but they are some key factors to keep in mind while playing rummy that we are going to discuss in this...

Articles > Computers > Computer Games Jan 03, 2017
9 Prodigious Ways Online Rummy Can Be Incredibly Enriching

The game of rummy is transcending boundaries and has been leaving an everlasting imprint on the different spheres it invades. To say rummy has impacted several lives would be an understatement. The...

Articles > Computers > Computer Games Nov 18, 2016
A Checklist of Tournaments @ Deccanrummy

DeccanRummy tournaments give the players perfect opportunity to earn some cash prizes in quick time. Tourneys allow you to exercise your full rummy skills in front of different opponents across the...

Articles > Computers > Computer Games Oct 22, 2016
A Heads Up to the Rummy Promotions @ Deccan Rummy

At Deccan Rummy, we complement your love for rummy by bringing you enriching promotions, offers & bonuses periodically. All our offers are applicable to mobile rummy allowing you to enjoy your...

Articles > Computers > Computer Games Feb 11, 2017
A Quick Guide to Know More About Deccan Rummy

Deccan Rummy is one of the leading providers of the online rummy game in India. We are owned by Deccan Games Pvt Ltd, an online gaming company located in India. Our website provides the players a...

Articles > Computers > Computer Games Dec 17, 2016
Advantages of Playing Rummy Using Mobile App

Online card games are turning out to be a huge hit these days and there are multiple websites hosting exciting card games like Deccan Rummy, The popularity and interest level in card...

Articles > Computers > Computer Games Jan 30, 2017
Appeal of 13 Cards Rummy Game

Have you ever thought about the reason behind the appeal of Indian Rummy games and its widespread reach? While it is true that 13 cards Indian rummy provides incredible fun, there are other games that...

Articles > Computers > Computer Games Mar 31, 2017
August Amaze 50% Bonus @

August is a month of festivals and holidays – Independence Day, Raksha Bandhan, Janmashtami & Ganesh Chaturthi to name a few. And the added advantage here is most of these holidays come immediately...

Articles > Computers > Computer Games Aug 05, 2017
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