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6 Benefits of Two Wheeler Insurance Renewal

Timely renewal of your bike insurance benefits in many ways. In not only ensures continuity in cover, but also gives you a sense of security. Having an active motor insurance is also mandatory by law...

Articles > Finance > Insurance Nov 29, 2016
A Brief Guide on Mediclaim Insurance: Learn How to File Reimbursement

Our friend Rahul’s father was returning home after a week’s stay at Ayush hospital. The entire week had been very hectic and traumatic for the entire family. However, his returning back home was only...

Articles > Finance > Insurance Dec 14, 2016
Benefits of Buying Long Term Two Wheeler Insurance

While the number of two wheelers is growing exponentially every year, the number of vehicles falling out of the insurance net is also very high. More than 2/3rd of old two wheelers go uninsured...

Articles > Finance > Insurance Dec 24, 2016
Bike Insurance Calculator- Factors That Determine Your Premium

Shopping for the perfect policy that doesn’t hurt your pocket is at the top priority of any vehicle owner.Well, thanks to the technology…Insurance companies have come to the rescue through bike...

Articles > Finance > Insurance Dec 28, 2016
Bike Insurance Online Renewal- a Short Guide

There is no doubt that life is much different today than it was couple of years ago. There are so many technological advancements in the recent years that life without them would be almost unbearable...

Articles > Finance > Insurance Nov 30, 2016
Why You Should Never Buy Health Insurance Plans Without Comparing

Sickness comes uninvited, so do financial losses. So, why take such chances. It’s better to be prepared financially for such unforeseen events. Health Insurance has become a need of the hour in the...

Articles > Finance > Insurance Nov 24, 2016
Be Smart and Witty: Go for E-Insurance

Post purchasing Car Insurance policy there would be a hundreds of questions playing around your mind. Keep calm and learn the art of e-Insurance. Let’s find out how. Finally happy days are here, from...

Articles > Finance > Insurance Oct 15, 2018
Avoid Making These 5 Mistakes While Choosing Online Bike Insurance

Mistakes. We all make them. They are the best way to learn in life. But isn’t it better to learn from others’ mistakes when you can? From our experience in selling thousands of policies, we’ve...

Articles > Finance > Insurance Dec 27, 2016
Cashless Health Insurance – a Complete Guide

Cashless health insurance is a significant benefit for policyholders and fulfills the real intent of holding an insurance possible in the best way. But, in reality, how many policyholders really make...

Articles > Finance > Insurance Sep 24, 2016
9 Things You Must Know While Buying Health Insurance for Your Parents

Seema had to get her father hospitalized as he suffered a cardiac arrest. To her good luck, her father already had a health insurance plan and so she got him hospitalized in the city’s top hospitals...

Articles > Finance > Insurance Nov 22, 2016
A Complete Guide on Comprehensive Car Insurance

In India, it is mandatory that every vehicle being driven on the road be insured as per the Motor Vehicles Act of 1988. This rule applies to your car too. Car insurance is mainly categorized into 2...

Articles > Finance > Insurance Feb 17, 2017
Factors That Decide Your Term Insurance Premium

Companies selling term insurance policies take into account various factors to arrive at a premium for your policy. Some of these factors are within your control while others are not. By controlling...

Articles > Finance > Insurance Dec 15, 2016
Health Insurance and Income Tax: Learn to Save

Health insurance aka Mediclaim awareness is still catching up with many people in India. With medical inflation running in double digits annually, health insurance is a must buy for everyone...

Articles > Finance > Insurance Oct 26, 2017
Insure’s Declared Value - Simplified

IDV is the Insured Declared Value of the car. It is fixed at the beginning of the policy term for each insured vehicle and remains same during the entire period. If you have bought a new car, then its...

Articles > Finance > Insurance Nov 17, 2016
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