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Howard Cannon

Member since: Oct 11, 2013
Published articles: 4

What You Don’T Know Can Hurt You... by Restaurant Expert Witness, Howard Cannon

In the restaurant trade, each day that you don’t learn general business and industry knowledge brings you one day closer to losing your business. Learning is a required part of the job, and...

Articles > Business & Careers > Management Oct 26, 2013
Winning Isn't Everything, but … by Restaurant Expert Witness – Howard Cannon

My son brought home a flyer from school about a youth soccer league, asking parents and coaches to teach certain attributes to their children. These qualities included morals, sharing, patience...

Articles > Business & Careers > Leadership Oct 12, 2013
“Fight with Mike”, by Howard Cannon

It is strange how one can be going along in life, minding his own business, doing his own thing, and something hits him squarely between the eyes that causes his heart to skip a beat or two, his lungs...

Articles > Relationships > Friendship Oct 18, 2013
Avoid Restaurant Failure with These 6 Prescriptions - Hospitality Expert Witness, Howard Cannon

Sadly, most failing restaurants - regardless of style, type, size or location, have some very similar symptoms that lead directly to their undoing. There are, however, certain “prescriptions” you can...

Articles > Business & Careers > Management Oct 31, 2013

Author Bio

Howard Cannon is America's most visible Restaurant Expert Witness. He has experience in State and Federal expert witness cases for both Plaintiffs and Defendants.