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Does Unlimited Whm Reseller Backup Web Hosting Really Works

In addition to signing up for an unlimited reseller you are offered a reseller hosting account control panel called Web Host Manager. It is popularly known as WHM reseller backup with unlimited...

Articles > Internet > Web Hosting May 23, 2017
How Jetbackup’s Cpanel Backup Differs from Traditional Backup?

We all know the importance of the cPanel Full Backup. In this article, let us see how JetApps JetBackup differs from other traditional backup services. There are many features that make JetBackup a...

Articles > Internet > Web Hosting Jul 18, 2017
How to Backup Cpanel

Knowing How to backup cPanel is not complicated like most people think. When you have a backup wizard that is well designed, it will help to make the process easy. If you are using Linux Based cPanel...

Articles > Internet > Web Hosting Dec 24, 2016
How to Backup Cpanel User Email Data and Full Cpanel Data?

Of course, there are many backup tools and software available. But, one stands out from the rest: JetApps’s JetBackup Manager! JetApps has made this back up process much easier. It offers a lot of...

Articles > Internet > Web Hosting Aug 18, 2017
How to Backup Whm/Cpanel Data More Effectively with Jetbackup?

Is it important to backup your website? Of course, Yes. Unfortunately not enough new website owners ask this question. But, it is very important to backup your website regularly.What could go...

Articles > Internet > Web Hosting Sep 15, 2017
Why Cpanel Backup Service is Deemed As Most Promising

If you dread losing data and seek to avoid huge losses due to disk storage issues, check out cPanel backup service which is deemed as one of the most promising solutions to keep backups in a safe...

Articles > Internet > Web Hosting Nov 21, 2016
A Regular Cpanel Full Backup Helps You to Restore Your Website Easily

Jetapps offers various types of backup services, from specific backups like selected email or database backups. There is no need to worry about your data being deleted, even when you switch servers or...

Articles > Internet > Web Hosting Jun 23, 2017
How Jetbackup is Worth to Use Than the Normal Backups?

Why is backup important?"Backing up" is the practice of copying or storing important data for safety purposes so that if the system crashes, either from a virus or hacker, the original data may get...

Articles > Internet > Web Hosting Oct 14, 2017
Make Your Cpanel Backup More Effective with Jetbackup

To protect your data from the hackers or natural disaster you should take a backup. The backup is making copying a collection of data, the object, from "primary" to "secondary" storage for the purpose...

Articles > Internet > Web Hosting Sep 14, 2018
Whm Auto Backup to Develop a Sound Backup Plan

For dedicated servers, a backup is an important value added service utilized at all times. Either it is via basic FTP backups, RAID or secondary (third or fourth) backup hard drives; backups remain an...

Articles > Internet > Web Hosting Apr 25, 2017
Whm Backup to Amazon: an Important Solution for Data Backup and Recovery Plan of the Company

Storage of data shifted from papers to digital devices. Use of servers for data storage has become the necessity of any business. When you start a new business or already are a part of one, a...

Articles > Internet > Web Hosting Aug 11, 2018
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