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A Combined Versatility of Two Best Products Resulted in Juco Bags

Juco might sound new to many of you readers. It is relatively new and sturdy fabric made of a mixture of jute (75%) and cotton (25%). It is very versatile and increasingly popular, new ecological...

Articles > Shopping > Shopping Tips Jul 21, 2017
An Example of Best “out of Waste” - Newspaper Pouch

Why use newspaper bags or pouches? Because it’s already present in the system and becomes a total waste within a day. Newspaper bags are biodegradable and do not pollute the environment as the plastic...

Articles > Shopping > Shopping Tips Jul 10, 2017
An Introduction to Cloth Bags – Jute, Cotton, Khadi and Canvas

Cloth bags are made from a variety of clothing materials like jute, cotton, khadi, canvas and even synthetic polyesters. Some materials like synthetic polymers are not recyclable but cloth bags are a...

Articles > Shopping > Shopping Tips Mar 11, 2017
Awareness of Use Newspaper Bags Among People to Keep Environment Clean

People now have started taking a keen interest in favor of Nature and are making others also aware of the global warming. They have started to make the environment clean. The plastics are petroleum...

Articles > Shopping > Shopping Tips Feb 27, 2017
Bamboo Pouches: a Trendy Remedy for Ecological Life

Bamboo is a renewable source and it can be easily produced without any usage of pesticides. Growing bamboos requires no irrigation. It produces 35% more oxygen as compared to other trees. It can...

Articles > Shopping > Gifts Jul 27, 2017
Because Being Eco-Friendly is Cool

Because being Eco-Friendly is coolGreen is the new vibe in town. Today many people are aware and sensitive towards ecological changes and are drifting away from plastics. Plastics are a major enemy to...

Articles > Shopping > Other Feb 08, 2017
Best Online Site to Get All Kind of Cake Box

Apparently, any cake box is made from paperboard whose its main purpose is to be used as a container. Apart from storing, these cake boxes can be utilized while transportation or just for protection...

Articles > Food & Beverage > Desserts Jul 01, 2017
Customizable and Eco-Friendly Products to Enhance Your Business

Over the last decade, there have been several initiatives towards keeping our environment clean and green. With a future at stake, due to pollutants clogging our surroundings, the time is ripe to...

Articles > Shopping > Shopping Tips Feb 16, 2017
Disposable Paperboard Popcorn Buckets

Food packaging containers generally go unnoticed but what you say ground reality is that, it is the most important structure to carry or eat our food in. Currently not even a single food commodity can...

Articles > Shopping > Other Jun 21, 2017
If It Can’T Be Recycled, Should Be Removed

Why Paper and Paper bags?Usage of waste or unwanted papers are not hidden. One good thing about papers is that they are no harm to our environment and are eco-friendly. They can be ultimately...

Articles > Shopping > Shopping Tips Apr 03, 2017
Putting Jute Bags into Limelight

History of Jute:The golden fibre has been in use in India for centuries now. The golden brown color is the reason behind it’s name. The fields of utilization of jute gain it the golden title. Not just...

Articles > News & Society > Eco Innovations Mar 29, 2017
Replace Harmful Plastic Bags with These Ecological Bags


Articles > Shopping > Shopping Tips May 11, 2017
Reusable Wine Bottle Gift Bags

Reusable Wine Bottle Gift BagsPeople are now seriously concerned about global warming and hence, they started taking initiatives on safeguarding our nature. Since the plastics are made of petroleum...

Articles > Shopping > Gifts Mar 20, 2017
Save Water by Using Biodegradable Paper Cups or Glasses

Paper cups or glasses are being extensively used in public spaces because they are biodegradable and are not harmful to environment. These cups or glasses are capable of saving water as they do not...

Articles > Food & Beverage > Drinks Jul 21, 2017
Some Unsual Eco-Friendly Bags

We all know that paper bags and cloth bags are being used instead of plastic bags. Did you know that there are bamboo and JuCo (Jute + Cotton) bags which are as eco-friendly as paper and cloth?Bamboo...

Articles > Shopping > Other Feb 11, 2017
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