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American International Schools in Qatar

If you’ve recently been posted to work in Doha, Qatar, and plan to bring along your family, one of the best choices available is the American School of Doha. Since its inception in 1988, in an old...

Articles > Reference & Education > College & University Mar 24, 2017
How Performing Arts Help Students Keep Their Creativity Alive

The modern education system is no longer limited to only academics but it has reached to new boundaries of excellence. International schools are giving equal importance to performance to performance...

Articles > Business & Careers > Business Services Mar 17, 2017
International School in Qatar Enables Students to Create a Balance in Life

Parents of this decade are more concerned towards the education of their child as they believe complete education is necessary for the success of their child in all phases of life. They want to get...

Articles > Business & Careers > Business Opportunities Mar 20, 2017
International Schools Are Opening Gateway to Global Education for All Students

Education is the part and parcel of life but it must be offered properly because what an individual learn is applied by them in almost all cases. Due to this reason, most of the families are inclined...

Articles > Reference & Education > College & University Mar 03, 2017
Let Your Child Grow Their Potential at the Fullest by Registering in International Schools

Every parent dreams of a school where their child can get a creative, safe, secure and learning environment; so that their child can think out of the box and grow in a global context. If you also...

Articles > Business & Careers > Business Services Mar 20, 2017
Stimulate Your Child’s Creative and Critical Thinking with Fine Arts Education

Educators believe that fine arts education is an essential part of education because it stimulates the thinking power of a child and helps them in developing their skills in a better way. These days...

Articles > Reference & Education > College & University Apr 07, 2017
Technology-Infused Learning is the Changing Face of Modern Education System

Educators all across the world have recognized technology as one of the most important parts of modern education system. It has been seen that technology and innovation are creating a transformative...

Articles > Reference & Education > College & University Apr 12, 2017

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American school of Doha is one of Best School in Qatar which provides 21st Century Technology Skills and technology-infused learning.