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Lisa Feng

Member since: Nov 14, 2013
Published articles: 20

The Cell Motility and Metastatic Potential Be a Consequence of the Influence of Hdac6

The cell motility and metastatic potential be a consequence of the influence of HDAC6 on microtubule formation. Ivacaftor allows development and growth of malignancies by allowing them to survive even...

Articles > Health & Fitness > Medicine Nov 16, 2013
The Ras Associated C3 Botulinum Substrate Stressactivated Protein Kinases

Membrane destined low-molecular weight GTPases of the Rho family play critical roles in the legislation of a number of cellular functions, including gene phrase, expansion, transformation and...

Articles > Health & Fitness > Cancer Nov 26, 2013
The Zak Sirna Did Not Develop off Target Consequences

To ensure the ZAK siRNA did not develop off target consequences, we used yet another collection of siRNA directed from the 5 percentage of ZAK mRNA. SiRNAmediated knock-down of ZAK using string 2 also...

Articles > Health & Fitness > Cancer Nov 23, 2013
These Have Got to Be Some of the Better Kept Og-L002 Secrets in the World

HuR is known to localize to polysomes and in stress granules after certain kinds of toys and cell lesions. We noticed an enormous shifting of the protein to heavier polysomal fractions following doxo...

Articles > Health & Fitness > Cancer Nov 23, 2013
Trametinib May Increase the Transformation of Doxorubicin

The difficulty with this method is the significant number of recorded paths, the sheer size of the information sets, and the data necessary to determine the importance of findings. In this study we...

Articles > Health & Fitness > Cancer Nov 18, 2013
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Norfolk-born Lisa Feng interests includes Ivacaftor and Trametinib karate, jigsaw puzzles. And finally, she is interested in going on a vacation and checking out new places as for instance Brugg.