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4 Ways to Use Crystals for Healing Yourself

As the name suggests, the Healing Crystals are used for healing. With the times changing, people are using these items more and more. From celebrities to ordinary citizens, everyone seems to be having...

Articles > Shopping > Other Jul 12, 2017
5 Advantages of Gifting Your Friend Crystal Necklaces

Friends do secure a special place in our life. They are important and they serve important roles when we are in tension. They often help us out of our problems and give us comfort in tense situations...

Articles > Shopping > Jewelry Mar 30, 2017
Achieving the Virtue of Siddhi for a High Level of Consciousness

Crystals are present on this earth since its beginning. One of such crystal is Rudraksha which epitomizes Lord Shiva. While coming to its deep meaning, it is evident it indicates "Rudra" means Shiva...

Articles > Shopping > Other Jul 13, 2017
All About Crystal Therapy and More

Crystal therapy remains a significantly sought-after concept today – thanks to the years of efficacy it has demonstrated. Now, the power of crystals to shore up well-being is often subject to personal...

Articles > Shopping > Jewelry Sep 29, 2017
All You Need to Know About Healing Crystals

The power and beauty of stones and crystals have long been recognized, to be precise, since the dawn of civilization. It has become immensely popular not only for its beauty but spiritual and healing...

Articles > Shopping > Other Jul 13, 2017
All You Need to Know About Tumbled Stones

The small, round and brightly polished pieces of the minerals and rocks are called the tumbled stones. They are produced by placing the rough rocks in a machine which is called a rock tumbler. The...

Articles > Shopping > Jewelry Apr 22, 2017
Astrological Effects of Some Precious Gems

Gems or most commonly known as gemstones are made of minerals under the Earth. These colorful stones have positive effects on the body and are worn by people either as a ring or pendants. These stones...

Articles > Shopping > Jewelry Jul 12, 2017
Crystal Pendants and Their Effectiveness

Crystals have the power to influence and change lives. If you see someone wearing a crystal pendant then never think that it is only for style. Some people do believe in the values of crystals and yes...

Articles > Shopping > Jewelry Mar 28, 2017
Drag Fortune in Your Favour and Excel in Life

Astrology is one of the ancient parts of Hindu Mythology which becomes the basis of lifestyle. Sometimes it becomes the bad omen and sometimes a good omen. In some instances, it shapes up the life...

Articles > Shopping > Jewelry Jul 13, 2017
Gemstones to Increase the Beauty of the Beholders

Gemstones or precious stones are pieces of mineral crystals which can be cut, polished and shaped to beautifully reflect its inherent color and light to the beholder. These crystals are used as...

Articles > Shopping > Jewelry Apr 20, 2017
Home Decor

Satyamani offers a range of home décor products. Varying from kitchen utilities to bed room upgrades, Satyamani doles out a plethora of in vogue home décor products to its end-customers. Being in the...

Articles > Beauty > Cosmetics Sep 13, 2017
Reiki - in the Process of Getting Rid of a Few Misconceptions

Reiki is an established scientific approach to address various ailments and deficiencies. It combines individual and cosmic energies to treat diseases and has long been hailed as an efficacious method...

Articles > Home & Garden > Interior Design Sep 29, 2017
Tips to Keep in Mind While Buying Beads

Beads, or most commonly known as Rudraksha, are grown on trees. The benefit of this particular item is related directly to our body. According to astrology and religious beliefs, it is related to...

Articles > Shopping > Jewelry Jul 12, 2017
Why Rudraksha is Considered Beneficial for the Wearer

The word ‘rudraksha’ is a combination of the Sanskrit words, ‘Rudra’, another title of God Shiva and the word ‘aksha' meaning teardrops. The literal meaning is "Shiva's teardrops" from mythical story...

Articles > Shopping > Jewelry Mar 31, 2017
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