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Boost Your Sagging Income, Take Microblading Training Now

You may like your eyebrows straight, bold, arched or curved because they are the most important feature in your face. Are you satisfied with shape of your eyebrows or is natural growth of your brows...

Articles > Beauty > Hair Aug 18, 2017
Change Your Looks; Get Shapely Brows with Microblading Pigment

Remember those weird and snarling looking women in cartoon series who had black etched eyebrows that raised themselves into the hairline? These animations portrayed women with tattooed eyebrows...

Articles > Beauty > Hair Jul 12, 2017
Contribute to Good Looking Eyebrows, Take Microblading Course

Are you an artist interested in contributing to the art of good looks as you earn your bit? You can take up many options for afruitful career in the beauty industry. We have a suggestion for you-Why...

Articles > Beauty > Hair Oct 17, 2017
Get Dark Bushy Eyebrow Shading with Microblading Pigment

Have you noticed those thick shapely eyebrows that celebrities feel proud of, as they flaunt their good looks in front of the camera?Dark arched brows perfectly plucked and fashioned,enhance beauty of...

Articles > Beauty > Hair Aug 16, 2017
Get New Sharp Hair with Skin-Safe Ink and Disposable Microblading Tools

There is a new beauty technique that has taken the beauty salons by storm. You must have seen pictures of gorgeous looking people on internet, and their perfectly shaped brows often leave us...

Articles > Beauty > Hair Jul 11, 2017
Get Sparse Eyebrows Filled by Disposable Microblading Tools and Pigment

A few years ago the beauty industry used to rely on inking methods such as tattooing to create an impression of dark colored strokes on the body. This practice was permanent and marks left behind by...

Articles > Beauty > Hair Sep 26, 2017
Get Thick Bushy Eyebrows with Non-Toxic Eyebrow Pigment

Facial appearance and beauty increases immensely with accurate eyebrow shapes. Eyebrows are a prominent part of the face and when they are of perfect thickness, they bring out natural beauty and...

Articles > Beauty > Hair Sep 06, 2017
Give Natural Looking Bushy Eyebrows to Clients, Take Microblading Course

Significant features in the face of a person are the hairy eyebrows. They frame the face and give it a soft and lovely look, but sometimes this is not so. Not many people can boast that they have...

Articles > Beauty > Hair Sep 14, 2017
Microblading Art Blooms Best with Microblading Tools

Do you desire the typical flashy and smart "celebrity style" full and lush eyebrows? Do you detest your boring and drab wake- up morning look? The faded and thin eyebrows may be giving an alien...

Articles > Beauty > Hair Oct 16, 2017
Shape Eyebrows Back to Perfection with Microblading Training

Do you have empty spaces in your eyebrows and does the lack of appropriate thickness ruin your beauty? The fashion world of today has been blown away by a hot new trend of creating fantastic looking...

Articles > Beauty > Cosmetics Jun 22, 2017
Take Microblading Classes to Create Crisp Natural Looking Hair

It’s a well-known fact that people who undergo strong chemotherapy sessions to deal with their cancer condition start to face an immense amount of hair loss. This is when the art of Microblading was...

Articles > Beauty > Cosmetics Jun 26, 2017
Take Specialised Microblading Classes to Master Semi-Permanent Inking

People love being called beautiful and can spend loads of money in improving their appearance. They head off to beauty parlours to undergo revolutionary treatments in perfecting their looks. Experts...

Articles > Beauty > Hair Sep 26, 2017
The Semi-Permanent Ink in Microblading Pen Can Shape Perfectly Thick Brows

The permanent etching of ink or tattooing has slowly led to the discovery of a new semi-permanent beauty technique of inking called Microblading. This is very similar to tattooing and the only...

Articles > Beauty > Hair Jul 17, 2017
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