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How an Immigration Attorney Can Help You

In the US, the EB5 green card program was started by the Congress in the year 1990; the primary idea behind the program was that additional jobs should be created in the US market, and that would help...

Articles > Legal & Law > Immigration Jul 18, 2017
The Qualities You Need to Look for in an Immigration Lawyer

It can be easy to choose a lawyer from your culture and country because you’re comfortable and familiar with them. While that’s a good thing if it helps make you more comfortable while dealing with...

Articles > Legal & Law > Immigration Aug 14, 2017
What is Ofac and How Can Lawyer Help You with Understanding It?

Office of Foreign Assets Control is essentially the federal agency that is responsible for the administration, implementation, and enforcement of various economic sanctions.The OFAC’s enforcement...

Articles > Legal & Law > Immigration Aug 03, 2017
Why Do You Need to Spend Time Finding a Good Immigration Lawyer?

The immigration process is very challenging and complicated. The laws are confusing and the number of forms and documents you need to submit can be intimidating. A good immigration attorney with...

Articles > Legal & Law > Immigration Sep 13, 2017

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