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How to Create a Friendly Fraud and Chargebacks

More than $5.5 billion in credit card fraud occurs every year worldwide. Credit card fraud can occur for various reasons including stolen or fake cards, account takeovers, and information hacks.Stolen...

Articles > Finance > Credit Oct 23, 2017
Prevent Bad Credit Score for Becoming Good Merchant

Having credit cards is very important for every business and regular user alike. Not only can you make payments faster, but you can also track against fraud or theft as well. It really helps generate...

Articles > Finance > Credit Oct 16, 2017
There Will Be Some Questions for Chargebacks in Your Mind

How can I get a chargeback when I received an approval code on the transaction?An Authorization code simply verifies that the card is in good standing, has not been reported lost or stolen at the time...

Articles > Finance > Credit Oct 16, 2017

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