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James Carner

United States

Member since: Nov 24, 2017
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5 Common Mistakes While Email List Cleaning

There are 5 common mistakes emailers do when email list cleaning. Cleaning and maintaining your list is so important and beginners have to learn the hard way, unfortunately. The smart ones find...

Articles > Internet > Email Jul 09, 2018
Common Mistakes Before Uploading a File into Email Verification Software

There are many mistakes emailers do before they upload a file into email verification software. This article will explain a few common mistakes that can save you time and money. Email marketing gets...

Articles > Internet > Email Sep 14, 2018
Create Your Own Email Verification Tool

You too can create your own inhouse email verification tool. This article will teach your how to create your own email list cleaning free. To get started, you need to write your algorithm or...

Articles > Internet > Email May 08, 2018
Don’T Be Fooled by Email Hygiene Services

There are too many email hygiene services and you could be fooled into purchasing false information. Any yahoo can say they know how to remove traps, but how can you prove it without mailing to it...

Articles > Internet > Email Aug 13, 2018
Email Address Verification - What is It Exactly?

Email address verification mainly focuses on verifying if the email address exists or not and if it does not, why. There are dozens of email list hygiene companies to choose from and most say they do...

Articles > Internet > Email Nov 29, 2017
Email List Cleaning Format and Sizes

Email list cleaning needs to be robust and move mountains. When an email marketer cleans their list, they send to it immediately, so the timing is essential plus the size of the file needs to be just...

Articles > Internet > Email Apr 09, 2018
Email List Verification Broken Promises

Beware of phony email hygiene companies and their email list verification broken promises. There are a number of things to look out for before spending money on email list hygiene. Some don’t bat an...

Articles > Internet > Email Sep 06, 2018
Email List Verification Versus Email List Validation

There are two types of email list cleaning: Validation & Verification. Validation removes threats while verification removes bounces. This article will break down the difference and tach you the...

Articles > Internet > Email Nov 24, 2017
Email Validation Services - a Thorough Walk Through

Email validation services, unlike email verification, focuses on the threats outside of the email itself. Email validation removes spamtraps, complainers, litigators, botclickers, roles/departmental...

Articles > Internet > Email Dec 21, 2017
Email Verification Services Are More Popular Than Ever

Email verification services are on the rise. My last count was 50 companies who claim to clean email marketing lists. Out of those 50, probably half of them ‘white list’ from others. Still, 25...

Articles > Internet > Email Aug 13, 2018
Email Verification Services for Dummies

I have been told I am too technical when it comes to explaining email validation service and email verification services, so I thought it warrants an article explaining what we do in the simplest...

Articles > Internet > Email Jun 09, 2018
Email Verification Software Schematics

Many have asked me what are my Email verification software schematics for list hygiene. It really isn’t a secret. There are 5 fundamental parts of the email address. The user, the name, the domain...

Articles > Internet > Email Sep 11, 2018
How to Find an Email Verification Tool That Fits Your Needs

Finding an email verification tool online or an application for your desktop takes a little work. Before you start googling to find solutions, there are several things you need to understand about...

Articles > Internet > Email Apr 10, 2018
Latest Trends with Email List Verification

Email list verification actually changes more frequently than you think. Since there are over 30,000 internet service providers worldwide, each has their own unique setup where they monitor and track...

Articles > Internet > Email May 12, 2018
No Such Thing As Email List Cleaning Free

We have written several articles about email list cleaning free and the dangers of uploading your list into such programs. The fact to the matter is, there is no such thing as free. And we need to...

Articles > Internet > Internet Marketing Jun 12, 2018
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