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Mark Hazelgrave

Member since: Apr 13, 2018
Published articles: 21

5 Interesting Ways to Use Ottomans to Beautify Your Home

The catchphrase of the present era is ‘smart’. Some might wonder that it is only about Smartphones and smart technologies; however, the term is applicable in a different aspect – right from dressing...

Articles > Home & Garden > Furniture May 10, 2018
6 Creative Ways to Style Rustic Benches in Your Home

Home decor enthusiasts of the contemporary age style their interiors with a rustic look that clearly emphasize nature in every nook and corner of their homes. Right from furniture to decorative pieces...

Articles > Home & Garden > Furniture Jul 17, 2018
6 Interesting Ways to Redefine a Hallway with Style & Functionality

If you are really looking for ideas to redefine your hallway, then you are in the right place. A hallway gives the first impression in your home; the space that sets the overall tone of your abode...

Articles > Home & Garden > Furniture Sep 25, 2018
4 Significant Ways to Transform Your Home with Hallway Benches

Your hallway is often the initial area your guests' notices after entering your home. Of course, you would want your home to be well-organised and decorated as it speaks of your taste as an...

Articles > Home & Garden > Furniture Jan 26, 2019
6 Amazing Reasons Why Footstools Are Good for Your House

When you are planning to buy suitable pieces of furniture for a working environment like an adjustable chair or a desk, most people like to focus on the comfort of their back, shoulders and neck. But...

Articles > Home & Garden > Furniture Dec 22, 2018
7 Excellent Ways to Enhance a Room with Ottomans or Footstools

Have you ever realised that the footstool you rest your feet on can be used in different ways? This piece of furniture that is sometimes referred to as an ottoman has come a long way and in today it...

Articles > Shopping > Furniture Oct 06, 2019
7 Innovative Ways to Style a Serving Tray in Your Home

The creative side of a home decor enthusiast is not determined by embellishing the living room with posh decorative or classy pieces that need a huge amount of investment. There are some basic...

Articles > Home & Garden > Furniture Jun 18, 2018
7 Smart & Easiest Ways to Style a Versatile Pouffe to Enhance a Room

It is often underrated, but a pouffe is an essential and very practical accessory that can more or less be used in almost all the rooms of a house. It is one of the few pieces of furniture that is...

Articles > Home & Garden > Furniture Nov 24, 2018
A Quick Buying Guide to Understand What to Look for in a Tray

If you are looking for versatility in your kitchen, a large serving tray is probably is the best accessory to add to your stash. Not only does it constitute a serving platform for food and drinks but...

Articles > Shopping > Furniture Dec 21, 2019
Decorate Your Home with Trendy Furniture to Make It More Inviting

Who doesn’t want to live in a fully furnished house? Well, today there are many options available for those who are looking for some trendy furniture to decorate their home. While choosing a furniture...

Articles > Home & Garden > Furniture Oct 26, 2018
Excel at Extra Seating with Perfect Pouffe Placement in Your Living Room

Pouffes - a living room staple - are often underappreciated. They are actually the true workhorse of a living room and a real multipurpose genius. These pieces can be used to corral all your favourite...

Articles > Home & Garden > Furniture Apr 13, 2018
Give Your Home the Utility of Ottomans with These Quick Ideas

We live in a world where each one of us is struggling with living space and looking for space-saving ideas and furnishings to make the most of capacity. Nowadays, everyone is looking for functional...

Articles > Home & Garden > Furniture Jul 22, 2019
Home Décor and Functional Utilization Ideas with Hallway Benches

The entryway of a house is the first thing that catches the eye of a guest when visiting you. But often due to the lack of space or organizational difficulties, hallways remain cluttered with...

Articles > Home & Garden > Home Improvement Nov 28, 2019
The Limitless Practical and Ornamental Scopes of a Hallway Bench

Home décor does not have a predefined line of recommendations or tips. It all depends on one’s personal choice and taste and how the whole space turns out is a reflection of his or her inner...

Articles > Home & Garden > Furniture Jun 24, 2019
The Various Functional and Decorative Utilities of a Hallway Bench

When someone visits your house, the first thing that crosses their eyes is your entryway. An entryway is an area of many activities of the house and is often cluttered due to relentless use and...

Articles > Home & Garden > Furniture Aug 17, 2019
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