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Asbestos Awareness - the Ultimate Training Course for the Learners

Many products can tend to be dangerous if it has asbestos containing fibers. Asbestos came into play in the mid-1980s, so the homes built or renovated during those period has asbestos. Studies reveal...

Articles > Reference & Education > Online Education May 08, 2018
Asbestos Awareness and Risk Control

Asbestos awareness is one of the most important components of safety in a construction site.Recently there are many asbestos-related diseases reported in the UK itself.Asbestos is mainly seen in...

Articles > Reference & Education > Online Education Jul 10, 2018
Asbestos Awareness Course: Online

The main aim of Asbestos awareness course is to make the candidates aware of the hazards associated with exposure of asbestos fibers, occurring through unknowingly coming into contact with materials...

Articles > Reference & Education > Online Education Jul 25, 2018
Asbestos Awareness Training - Open Door to Safety

Safety is a choice that you make. A single ignorance and unawareness about the danger of asbestos and the after effects asbestos exposure into the air during the work can affect your life. It is vital...

Articles > Reference & Education > Online Education Oct 28, 2018
Asbestos Awareness Training: Individual and Work Site Safety

Asbestos awareness training plays a crucial role in workplace with workers who disturbs or deals with asbestos. Unawareness can lead to harmful diseases due to the exposure of the asbestos into the...

Articles > Reference & Education > Online Education Jul 31, 2018
Asbestos Floor Tiles: Identification and Safe Removal

Asbestos was a common construction material which is used in almost every public and commercial building constructed before the 80's in all over the world. The main attracting feature of asbestos is...

Articles > Reference & Education > Online Education Aug 26, 2018
Fasten Your Seat Belts and Take Up the Online Asbestos Training Course

Asbestos exposure in the long-run is a great threat to life. Every year thousands of people fall fatally ill after inhaling asbestos material. So, proper awareness should be imparted to the people who...

Articles > Business & Careers > Training May 29, 2018
Key Benefits of Ukata Online Asbestos Course

UKATA Course has prime significance these days due to the death tolls related to asbestos filaments. Asbestos is a very toxic material which on inhaling can cause life-threatening diseases. The people...

Articles > Reference & Education > Online Education May 21, 2018
Killer Dust: Why is Asbestos Still Killing People?

Asbestos is a naturally occurring mineral substance that can be pulled into a feathery texture. Asbestos contains very minute fibers which extremely small. Asbestos is more dangerous when it is...

Articles > Reference & Education > Online Education Sep 26, 2018
The Occupational Health Role in Tackling Asbestos in Schools

A safe and supportive environment is essential for better learning, physical and mental health for students and staff. It is really important to carefully manage the school building to learn or work...

Articles > Reference & Education > Online Education Sep 13, 2018
The Relevance of Asbestos Awareness Certification - Ukata Certificate

Asbestos awareness is of vital importance when it comes to imparting awareness among people who are at high risk of encountering asbestos and its related material. Many organizations offer...

Articles > Reference & Education > Online Education May 14, 2018
Asbestos Risk Assessment and Control Measures

Asbestos is a mineral whose main characteristics are thermal isolation and highly resistant to fire. Asbestos toxicity is related to its fibrous structure, Which is globally tested and recognised as a...

Articles > Reference & Education > Online Education Jun 26, 2018
5 Things to Be Kept in Mind While Asbestos Removal

Asbestos abatement mainly includes the classification, removal, repair, and encapsulation of substances or products in a structure to reduce the threat of exposure to these toxic minute asbestos...

Articles > Reference & Education > Online Education Nov 16, 2018
An Insight on the Learning Objectives of Ukata Course

The main aim of the UKATA Course is to provide awareness and knowledge to employees who work with asbestos on a day-to-day basis. They are the ones prone to hazards and risks to a greater extent...

Articles > Reference & Education > Online Education Jun 05, 2018
Asbestos Awareness in the Construction Industry

Every employer must make sure that anyone who is likely to disturb asbestos during their normal work, or who controls those employees, gets the exact level of knowledge, guidance, and training so that...

Articles > Reference & Education > Online Education Dec 06, 2018
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