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Andrea Trautmann

United States

Member since: Mar 04, 2014
Published articles: 35

Top German Language Learning Magazines

Reading articles and reports about a diversity of topics in German is a great way to find immersion in the language and greatly increases conversational and common grammar skills. This is why it is...

Articles > Reference & Education > Languages May 26, 2015
What Makes a Great Teacher?

When it comes to teaching the German language, of course, being a native German goes a long way. Students who are serious about their German learning will prefer to have a native teacher to guide...

Articles > Reference & Education > Languages Jun 03, 2015
Which Book/course is Right for ME?

If you are deciding to go back to school or trying to refresh your skills, choosing the right online German lessons to suit your needs is one of the most important decisions you will make in your...

Articles > Reference & Education > Languages Aug 21, 2014
Arab Doctors Want to Work in Germany

Germany is a country that is highly sought after by both the students sector as well as working professionals. In general, medical doctors are in high demand in Germany which is why Arab doctors can...

Articles > Reference & Education > Languages Mar 31, 2016
The Future of Online Learning

The future of online German lessons is solely dependent on the future of technology. Technology has managed to dictate every aspect of our lives. The progression of the digital age and bandwidth...

Articles > Reference & Education > Languages Oct 18, 2014
Utilizing Your Online German Classes to Find Work in Germany

Some people study German online for recreational purposes but there are others who learn German online because they have a bigger career goal in mind. One such goal is to relocate to and find work in...

Articles > Reference & Education > Languages Oct 26, 2015
Why Should You Learn German?

Besides the fact that Germany is one of the most economically powerful countries and that they are current FIFA World Cup winners, there are many other very important reasons why studying German is...

Articles > Reference & Education > Languages Jan 23, 2015
Working and Living in German-Speaking Countries

Are you working in a place where everyone around you speaks the German language? If you are going to stay there for long, your native tongue will not be able to help you communicate with those around...

Articles > Reference & Education > Languages Apr 21, 2014
Learning German Online at Your Own Pace

Learning a different language, and being engaged in something that is entirely new to anyone could be a task that demands a little more attention that you might want it to. Being able to create a...

Articles > Reference & Education > Online Education Oct 19, 2015
How to Teach Children German Through Online Resources

You know that there are numerous online teaching materials for language learning in the languages Spanish, French and Italian, but how about being more adventurous and teaching your children German...

Articles > Reference & Education > Online Education Oct 08, 2015
Best Way to Learn German

Do you think without German you can survive in any place? Think again. Because that might not be true in most cases, and is impossible in Germany. In Germany and in other German speaking countries...

Articles > Reference & Education > Languages Apr 21, 2014
Careers That Would Benefit from Online German Classes

You're thinking about taking online German classes with an experienced teacher and you wonder how you can create a rewarding career from these classes. There is good news because you can locate...

Articles > Reference & Education > Languages Aug 07, 2015
Free German Online Learning

So you have decided to make the German language your next foreign language and you do not know where to start. Finding a school in your location that teaches German might not come in as an easy task...

Articles > Reference & Education > Languages Mar 05, 2015
German Expatriates

As one of the most widely spoken language in Europe, German is quite an easy language to learn. German Online Classes help you adapt to the language quicker with experts to guide you. You can also...

Articles > Reference & Education > Languages Apr 05, 2016
Group Vs. Private Tuition

The long debate on the type of quality in education will be acquired in a public educational system versus a public educational system. However, it is more important to assess the amount of one on one...

Articles > Reference & Education > Languages Oct 21, 2014
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