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Mkey Africa

Member since: Nov 16, 2018
Published articles: 8

Add Zing to Your Life with Mkey

Finserve Africa, the independent fintech arm of Equity Group, has developed mKey as a new keyboard app that lets users not only connect with friends or follow news, share emojis, gifs and stickers...

Articles > Finance > Insurance Jan 12, 2019
An Exciting Keyboard App Can Add a Dash of Fun to Your Life!

We all have stock keyboard apps on our phones, but they are just not fun enough or versatile enough. However, there are many smart and cool keyboard apps that come with features like predictive text...

Articles > Finance > Other Apr 26, 2019
Have You Heard About the Best Keyboard App?

Finserve Africa, the fintech arm of Equity Group, is one of the leading fintech companies in Kenya. The fintech company has offered multiple revolutionary financial services to businesses in Africa...

Articles > Finance > Other Feb 23, 2019
Mkey App- Best Keyboard App in Kenya

In a digital world bursting with new keyboard apps every day, Finserve Africa brings you a new keyboard app that is truly versatile – it integrates multiple financial, lifestyle and social services...

Articles > Finance > Other Jan 12, 2019
Mkey Features Unlocking the New Possibilities!

mKey blends social and financial services into an integrated lifestyle. In simple terms it is a Three in One app- A Digital Bank + A Social Network + A Lifestyle.mKey is here to make more things...

Articles > Finance > Banking Nov 19, 2018
Mkey- Keyboard App

Why switch between apps to perform everyday functions like reading news, paying for goods and services, sharing emojis or even applying for a loan? Why not simply have a keyboard that can go...

Articles > Finance > Banking Mar 24, 2019
Mkey- Not Just Another App

You see a new keyboard app notification pop up every day, and maybe the news of yet another app doesn’t really mean much to you anymore. But what if we tell you that mKey app, brought to you by...

Articles > Technology & Science > Communication Jan 05, 2019
The Alpha App to Match Your Lifestyle – Mkey

With new keyboard apps popping out of nowhere almost every single day, life has become quite easy for the youth of today. You have an app to text and catch up with your friends, an app to shop online...

Articles > Finance > Other Jan 12, 2019

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MKey, all in one app- Manage all-lifestyle, social and financial aspects with m-Key Shopping Service, mKey Keyboard App and mKey Financial Service respectively.