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Tony O Hare

Member since: May 29, 2014
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UK Companies Struggling with Data Loss Should Look at Their WI-Fi Security

One summer, the Sabre reservation system used by 300 airlines failed and some flights were cancelled. Others were still available, but airline attendants were making reservations by pen and paper...

Articles > Computers > Data Recovery Feb 03, 2015
Understanding Code Can Help in Diagnosing Computer Hard Drive Failures and Problems

Computers have their own language of binary 1’s and 0’s. They also have their own special codes and beeps. For many people who aren’t versed in laptop data recovery or memory card recovery, it may be...

Articles > Computers > Data Recovery Jan 24, 2015
Why Older Raid Solutions Are Becoming Obsolete for Older Smaller Drives

Data recovery from an SD Card Data Recovery drive may be needed if newer Raid systems are replacing older systems that use smaller drives. It may mean businesses may need to retrieve sensitive data...

Articles > Computers > Data Recovery Jan 24, 2015
Repairing Your Hard Drive: Diy Vs. Professionals

When your hard drive fails, you may be tempted to fix it yourself instead of taking it to a professional. If it’s a simple problem, then fixing it yourself will save you time and money. So you get...

Articles > Computers > Data Recovery Feb 03, 2015
Threats, Vulnerabilities, and Harm Are Three Fears Large Companies Needing Data Recovery Have

Large companies may fear that harm may come to their operations if sensitive, customer data someone takes sensitive data. For many large UK companies, losing data is a risk that may not be fully...

Articles > Computers > Data Recovery Sep 04, 2014
Three Things Struggling UK Companies Could Consider with Customer Data

While some UK companies may think data losses have been subsiding, the Open Security Foundation has reported a rise in the number of cases of data loss beginning in 2008. Though not every virus may be...

Articles > Computers > Data Recovery Feb 03, 2015
Why UK Businesses Should Rethink Using Virtual Environments and is Secure Collaboration Possible

According to a survey by Kroll Ontrack, 84% of businesses admitted using virtual environments for their storage. Of the 84 percent of respondents, one-third said 75 to 100% of their environment is...

Articles > Computers > Data Recovery Jan 24, 2015

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