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Be Humanoid: Automobiles with No Driver Are Fresh in Trend

Technology is seeing most amazing innovations since past decades. You can find multiple articles written on social media about artificial intelligence, robots, chatbots, machine learning, augmented...

Hemendra Singh Jul 31, 2019
Premium Member
Should Your Next Car Be Electric?

We are a nation that loves our cars and most of us would find it hard to manage without one. However with an increasing number of cars now on the roads the issues around petrol and diesel fuelled cars...

Maz Henry Jun 27, 2019
Premium Member
What Are the Car Parts That Are Most Prone to Break Down

Using a car is great as punctuality has become a major thing and cars help you to get to destinations easy and fast. There can be a few problems in using a car as well. There are chances that a car...

Mohamed Fareed Jun 23, 2019
Premium Member
Should I Scrap My Car or Repair It in Christchurch, Nz?

Many people who own cars come across the same problem at some point. Should they have their car disposed of, or can they still fix it and continue driving it? Most of the time you would think that...

Glen Hunter May 12, 2019
Premium Member
What Are the Top Things Not to Miss During a Used Car Check

It is often that used car buyers ignore or simply miss out on some important things while negotiating with sellers. This could possibly be due to ignorance, a careless approach, lack of understanding...

Mohamed Fareed Apr 28, 2019
Premium Member
The Common Mistakes We Do While Selling a Car

So, now when you have decided that it's an ideal time to sell your car, for reasons unknown, you want the car selling procedure to go as easily and quickly as possible, even if you’re not in a rush...

Sally Wilkinson Apr 17, 2019
Premium Member
Tips for Backpackers Who Want to Sell Their Car in Auckland, Nz

So, you are going to be touring a country as a backpacker. This will be a great experience for you, but it will be even better with a car. It makes everything so much easier. You get to do everything...

Glen Hunter Apr 15, 2019
Premium Member
Five Ways to Get Stress-Free Car Removal in Melbourne

It is advised that if you have a scrap car, you should definitely avoid using your driveway or lawn as a storage space. The same goes for the garage. Scrap cars belong in one place. That place is a...

Glen Hunter Apr 01, 2019
Premium Member
Getting Ready to Scrap Your Car in Auckland

Cars that are inactive can be divided up into two distinct groups. The first group is full of automobiles that are in driveable condition, but no-one does so for some reason. The second group can be...

Glen Hunter Feb 20, 2019
Premium Member
What Are the Important Facts to Be Known for Car Renewal Policies?

Though car insurance has been declared as mandatory by the Indian government, there are several vehicle owners who do not have it. In addition, according to an analysis by car insurance company, it...

Mohamed Fareed Feb 19, 2019
Premium Member
How Can You Choose the Best Property Agent?

Finding the right agent can help you to select your dream property. Therefore, real estate agents are the primary necessity when it comes to planning to purchase the real estate. It rarely matters how...

Mohamed Fareed Jan 16, 2019
Premium Member
5 Reasons Why You Should Get Rid of That Unwanted Car

Do you currently own a clunker? Otherwise known as a scrap car, these things are what you are left with when the automobile that you have been using for transport breaks down permanently. If you do...

Glen Hunter Jan 10, 2019
Premium Member
Who Buys Scrap Cars in Auckland, Nz?

When you realise when a car that you own is no longer fit for doing what it was made to do, and can now be considered to be "junk", it is a sad time for you. You have spent a lot of time getting from...

Glen Hunter Dec 11, 2018
Premium Member
What Are the Advantages of Opting for a Personalised Car Number Plate?

The demand for personalized has been popular since the time it came into the market. A personalized car number plate signifies that the car is unique and personal. The registration is personal to the...

Mohamed Fareed Nov 23, 2018
Premium Member
Taha Car Collection - Aucklan’s Number One Buyers of Wrecked Ca’s

There are two stressful life situations that no-one wants to be stuck in. Being strapped for money with mounting bill payments, and having a permanently broken down automobile on your property...

Glen Hunter Nov 19, 2018
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