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The Basics of Dyeing Beautiful Yarn at Home

Ever notice that no matter how much yarn you have at home, you never have just the right one for your knitting or crochet pattern? What you have in your stash is either too fine or not the right...

Annette Browning Oct 27, 2020
Natural Dyeing with Acorns

Did you know that you can make a beautiful brown natural fabric dye with plain acorns? Well, yes you can!The step by step acorn dyeing tutorial can be found FiberArtsy

Annette Browning Oct 07, 2020
Making Shirts with Your Cricut

Making shirts with your Cricut can be easy, once you know the steps. If you are new to making shirts with your Cricut then you are in the right place. This tutorial will help take you through all of...

Shawn Mosch Aug 08, 2020
How to Make a Christmas Wreath with Globe Ornaments

Learn how to easily make your own colorful Christmas Wreath using shatterproof, ball or globe ornaments!You can find the full step by step tutorial at https://www.fib

Annette Browning Aug 03, 2020
8 Easy and Endearing Ribbon Decor Diy's Ideas for Your Home

Summary: When decorating your home, sometimes you don't need to buy new items. And you need to do is embellish a piece of existing furnishings with ribbon for giving it a new look. Decorating wit...

Adney Brown Jun 15, 2020
What is Eco Printing or Leaf Printing?

What exactly is Eco Printing?This method was first discovered by artist India Flynt who calls the process Ecoprint.In a nutshell, it is a form of natural dyeing whereby leaves, flowers and other...

Annette Browning May 08, 2020
What is Ice Dyeing?

Have you heard of Ice Dyeing??It's the modern, younger cousin of everybody's favorite... Tie Dyeing!Ice Dyeing (or Snow Dyeing) creates gorgeous, marbled patterns, much like tie dye. The main...

Annette Browning Mar 11, 2020
All About the Scale of a Model Kit

When it comes to making a decision for the scale to ship model kits, make sure you do not hurry. You must take your time since the conclusion takes consideration of a lot of things, not the least

Andrew Anten Feb 21, 2020
A List of Creative Hobbies

When you are crossing a rough patch and everything seem to be taking a toll on your body and soul, best way to escape it is pursuing some creative hobby. This way you are not only channelizing your...

Lavy Johnson Feb 20, 2020
How to Dye Fabric with Rit Dyes

How to Dye Fabric Kitchen Towels with Rit DyesRemember Rit Fabric Dyes? Yes, those Rit Dyes that your Mom used way back when. They came in a small cardboard box that she bought at the grocery store...

Annette Browning Feb 18, 2020
Necessary Tools for Scale Modeling

No matter what type of ship model kits you are working with, there are a lot of necessary tools that you will require to finish a beautiful scale model. The following are some of the basic tools

Andrew Anten Jan 31, 2020
Thinking to Make Your Own Chunky Knit Blankets? Follow These 4 Tips!

When the weather gets chilly, chunky knit blankets are among the cosiest items you can curl up in. Such comfortable creations are typically made by knitting oversized yarns, which have

Jess Ridley Jan 30, 2020
You've Heard of Tie Dyeing but What is Reverse Tie Dyeing?

Have you heard? Tie Dyeing is cool again! No, it's not just for granola eating, tree hugging hippies anymore. Everybody and anybody from your boss to your Grandmother has at least one tie dyed tee...

Annette Browning Jan 25, 2020
A Guide to 4 Most Common Types of Abrasives for Ship Model Kits

No matter you are building plastic, metal, or wood ship model kits, at some point during scale modeling, you will be expected to make use of an abrasive product. From getting rid of rough borders

Andrew Anten Dec 20, 2019
How to Correctly Set Up Your Humidor

The purpose of this article is to educate readers about the proper set up and maintenance of humidors. This aspect is often misunderstood: thus performed wrong. By educating the readers on the...

Adan Ramirez Nov 18, 2019
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