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Modern Encryption Requirements & Ways to Achieve

Encryptions have been there since time immemorial for sending messages to the desired destination without anybody else being any wiser. However, today the time has changed and the simplistic ciphers...

Zeena McWarden Apr 16, 2014
Utilizing Mass Gmail Account Creator Which Quickens the Sign Up Methodology

21st century has been distinguished as the modern period, basically because of the advancement of the Internet (Web). Truly everything and anything is available on the web today. One can get data on...

Sohel Ather Apr 09, 2014
School Marketing Data : Prepare Your Efficient List Now

You may have a new product that you believe will be approved by teachers. Instructors and administrators are always looking for new and efficient teaching elements. But knowledge marketing can seem a...

Alex Tom Mar 29, 2014
How to Backup and Restore Signatures in Outlook 2013?

If you are using Outlook 2013 and sending multiple e-mails on a daily basis, then you must be using email signatures as a personal stamp to your mails. At a professional front, maintaining signatures...

Brook Perry Mar 26, 2014
Email Encryption – What It is and How It Works

Technology has changed our lives many folds in the past few decades. One of the best inventions of all time, one that encompasses all and affects every facet of every person’s life on this planet, is...

Zeena McWarden Mar 16, 2014
How to Get an Email Encrypted

Encryption of email is very important from the point of view of data integrity and security. Emails when sent from a server to other or when sent from one email ID to another tend to come across a lot...

Zeena McWarden Mar 16, 2014
Hire Services of Email Marketing Companies in India to Climb Ladder of Business Success

Email marketing companies in India helps online marketing companies in significant manner. Today, no one can deny the fact that email has proved its mettle in the field of business communication. At...

Mark Allen Feb 28, 2014
The Top Reasons You Ought to Consider a Secure Email Service

E-mail is now the preferred technique of communication for lots of people and companies, having changed the means the world chats information since it first ended up being popular in the late 1990s...

Irfan Uddin Nov 14, 2013
4 Email Security Threats That You Must Know About

Emails are one of the formal communication methods that every one of us uses today to communicate with others. Some emails are informative, some are for approvals, while some other are just for...

Brook Perry Oct 29, 2013
Dmarc Report: for Safe and Secure E-Mail Messages

Domain-based message authentication, reporting, and conformance (DMARC) is a technical specification that authenticates e-mail messages by the Sender Policy Framework (SPF) and Domain Keys Identified...

Agari Agari Oct 14, 2013
How to Integrate Mail Chimp in Your Word Press Sites

At flippercode, as internet is changing, we discuss the ways of online promotions. But there is one thing that is as effective as it was ten years ago. Yes! I am talking about the same old email...

Yogesh Mishra Oct 02, 2013
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