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Explore the Best Home Buying Apps and Websites

The real estate industry is constantly changing and along with the change in real estate trends is the shift in how home buyers search for the homes they like.Today, as younger home buyers are...

Jack Brant Jul 31, 2019
We Can Save You from Ransomware Attack

Ransom wareAttack is a form of malware that not only infects, but damages or locks your PC or Mobile, and can even delete or modify files and directories. The most well-known ransom ware viruses are...

Rohit Raj Sep 10, 2019
10 Things We Ignore That Can Help Protect Your Data from Hackers & Virus

Hello, fellow internet surfers. Every time we surf the internet, the number one fear we have back of our mind are hackers and virus. The general practice by most of us to prevent from virus and hacker...

Steve Manowar Nov 28, 2018
What Are the Important Factors to Look at when Choosing Secure Exchange Hosting

Microsoft Exchange is one of the preferred email servers that can installed on the premises or hosted in the cloud. When hosted in the cloud, secure exchange hosting can be accessed from anywhere...

Frank Bower Oct 28, 2018
How to Protect Your Website from Attacks and Hackers?

It is therefore essential to secure your website, which will allow you to reassure your audience and protect yourself from possible attacks. Here we give you the main keys to protect you from computer...

Dos Arrest Oct 14, 2018
That's Not Spam! Email Marketing Tips for All

When a business owner puts their focus into expanding their Internet presence, it is always important to make efforts to communicate with consumers regularly. Email marketing is a powerful way to stay...

John Vianny Sep 22, 2018
Six Reasons Why Your Business Needs Email Encryption

Email has become the main artillery of communication for businesses of all sizes. So It is not surprising that email has become an attractive target for hackers and email data breaches have been one...

Frank Bower Sep 18, 2018
Securing Your Pcs from Notorious USB Drives

No amount of precautions and security measures for a network will equal the vulnerability created by a small USB device. You can see all the pain you have taken to make your network secure, crumble in...

Rahul Satish Aug 02, 2018
Being Secure from Drive-By Malware

Despite high levels of investment on security tools like firewall, anti-malware, etc and precaution measures like safe browsing, etc many Internet users still fail to keep their PCs from getting...

Rahul Satish Jul 25, 2018
The Art and Science of Spam Filtering and Its Working Process!

Spam filtering refers to a program which is used to detect unwanted emails on your email server and prevent them from displaying on your inbox. There is a large amount of spam that persists globally...

Frank Bower Jun 12, 2018

DrillBit Software is a pioneer in anti-plagiarism software that checks for any duplicate or copied content in comparison to the larger data available globally. Developed in India, we aim to bridge the...

Kia Kaha Apr 11, 2018
How to Avoid Malware – Recommendation from Semalt

How To Avoid Malware – Recommendation From Semalt Malware refers to a variety of hostile software, including computer worms, viruses, ransomware, adware, spyware, scareware, Trojan horses and other...

Tanzil Khan Oct 11, 2017
Contact Kaspersky Support Australia Team and Get over Your Issues

Summary: It is one of the successfully used security programs across the globe and in case, you stick to some issues in accessing this application then speak with an expert.Kaspersky Anti Virus is the...

Neha Mathur Sep 13, 2017
An Effective Ways of Cyber Security Risk Management

Incident response is an act of addressing a security breach and to handle the situation in a way that limits damage and reduces recovery time and costs. This approach is conducted by the computer...

Cyber Defense Dec 30, 2016
How We Unknowingly Open Doors for Cyber-Troublemakers

Unless you're Canadian living at the countryside, it is a no-brainer tip that we should lock our doors and ensure we take precautionary steps to mitigate property theft. It would be also really unwise...

Jeremy Chew Sep 29, 2016
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