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The New7Wonders of the World Are Wondrous Indeed!

What are the New7Wonders? Explorer Bernard Weber’s brain child, the New7Wonders idea was his hope of linking humans from across the globe together by creating a modern list of wonders which is...

Lisa Jeeves Nov 22, 2017
Elegant Eco Hotels for Green Globetrotting

One of the worst things about travelling is the huge carbon footprint you accumulate while globetrotting. Luckily, there are a few things you can do to help neutralise your environmental impact and...

Lisa Jeeves Nov 22, 2017
Road Trip Round Iceland’s Ring Road Route

For road trip fanatics or first timers, this will be the experience of a lifetime. Just you, your best friends, your favourite classics playing, and the open road. Route 66 may be the well-known...

Lisa Jeeves Nov 22, 2017
A Winter Walker’s Wildest Dreams Come True!

Winter sports fanatics can quickly become weary of the normal activities on offer. For those who yearn for a truly exciting and close call with nature, leave the skis in the chalet this winter...

Lisa Jeeves Nov 22, 2017
Wrap Up for a Wild Winter Weekend in Morzine

Morzine is a terrific destination for a wild weekend spent skiing all day and partying all night. If you and your friends only have a few days to get your winter groove on, follow this itinerary to...

Lisa Jeeves Nov 22, 2017