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How to Pin Headscarves with the Help of Hijab Pins

Author: East Essence
by East Essence
Posted: Aug 17, 2015
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The biggest problem in wearing a scarf is that it slides around the head. This happens if the scarf is not secured properly. But with the help of hijab pins, pinning a scarf becomes a fairly simple task.

There are different ways of wearing a hijab. The most common is the triangle method, which is also the most secure way of wearing your headscarf. There are more fashionable and elegant styles too, which involve wearing hijab pins. The pins are definitely needed if you want to wear the side-pinned style.

Hijab pins are easily available on a number of online stores. They can be found in different sizes and styles. Hijab pins online, are a convenient tool to hold your hijab together. These pins can be flashy as well as plain and they can be chosen to color coordinate with your hijab.

It is suggested to use longer pins if you have thick hair or hijab style that is voluminous. This makes it easier to entwine the hijab. Smaller pins can be used towards the front, closer to the face.

The best way to pin a hijab is to intertwine all the way down to your under-scarf and then back up again a number of times. But before doing this you have to ensure that your under-scarf is secure. If the scarf cannot be tied tightly, hold it together with slides and bobbie pins at the temples.

The pin has to be taken along the same direction as the head, and it should be woven in and out of all the layers, finally bringing up back up to the top. Make sure that you go through the under-scarf as well as all the folds. Just ensure that after pinning, the pointy part of the hijab pin is not sticking out.

These hijab pins do not snag your scarf or fabric. The only way they can snag them is when you pull on the fabric really hard. Hijab accessories can be used under the chin or for pinning the scarf to the garment. They are a wonderful way to neaten up your look.

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