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4 Questions You Must Ask Yourself Before Buying a Winter Coat

Winter is that time of the year when there is a need to invest in winter coats as these coats keep you warm and at the same time enhance your appearance. With the changing face of fashion trend, today...

Articles > Shopping > Fashion Mar 31, 2015
A Complete Islamic Swimsuit Buying Guide for Women

Though women love to shop, sometime even this can be a huge task for them, especially when it is about buying Islamic swimsuit. Swimming suits are revealing and in case, you buy a wrong set, then you...

Articles > Shopping > Clothing Sep 19, 2014
A Muslim Man's Clothing Guide

One of the most common religions in the world, Islam is known for the outstanding principles it follows. There is a code of conduct that both Muslim men and women need to follow. From eating to...

Articles > Shopping > Clothing Jun 16, 2015
Abaya Fashion and Much More…

Ask the muslim ladies what Abayas mean to them and they’ll come out in affirmative answers of Abayas being their safe haven for easy style and comfort which covers their element of faith. Apart from...

Articles > Shopping > Fashion Feb 01, 2016
Be Stylish and Comfortable in Cool Maternity Kurtis

In today's modern times when fashion is a very important aspect of day-to-day life, mom's-to-be are also not left behind. Pregnant women no longer wear over sized and loose fitting clothes like...

Articles > Shopping > Fashion Jul 16, 2015
Cheap Islamic Clothing: Modest Yet Stylish

Like women of other religions, even Muslim women love getting dressed fashionably, and designers of the modern era have made all possible efforts to give the traditional and modest Islamic clothes a...

Articles > Shopping > Clothing Sep 10, 2015
Easy Ways to Encourage Your Daughter to Wear a Hijab

Muslim girls are expected to wear Hijab as soon as they reach puberty. However, one mistake that most parents make is not introducing the Hijab to their daughters well in advance. Since girls are not...

Articles > Shopping > Fashion Aug 10, 2015
Fashionable Wome’s Winter Jackets and Coats: Lots of Styles to Choose From

Clothes are one of the ways through which women express their style statement. Whether it is summer or winter, fashion clothes help women stay beautiful and stylish. While there are many options...

Articles > Shopping > Fashion Oct 28, 2015
Getting Dressed in an Islamic Dress: a Woman's Guide

Muslim woman of today's era loves getting dressed in the most fashionable manner. Maintaining a balance between style and traditional values is what these women have excelled in. Today, one can find a...

Articles > Shopping > Fashion Aug 20, 2015
Have You Heard of Modest Swimwear?

Whenever you hear the term beach-wear, a two-piece, sarong and some wild waves with surfers conjures up, isn’t? Well that’s a rosy picture being immortalized thanks to celluloid but there’s more to...

Articles > Shopping > Fashion Dec 17, 2015
Hijab- Islamic Head Wear

Islam is one of the religions where every woman is treated in a precious manner and utmost respect is paid to them. However, there are certain regulations that a Muslim needs to follow. They are...

Articles > Shopping > Clothing Jun 21, 2014
How to Care for Your Pashmina Shawl and Scarves

Owning a scarf or a shawl made of Pashmina is undoubtedly a luxury, but merely possessing them is not enough. Utmost importance should be given to their care and storage. Pashmina is a very soft and...

Articles > Shopping > Fashion Jul 15, 2014
How to Pin Headscarves with the Help of Hijab Pins

The biggest problem in wearing a scarf is that it slides around the head. This happens if the scarf is not secured properly. But with the help of hijab pins, pinning a scarf becomes a fairly simple...

Articles > Shopping > Fashion Aug 17, 2015
Islamic Hoodies: Combining Style and Modesty

Many of those who are familiar with the Islamic clothing tradition are under the impression that modesty and style cannot go hand in hand? to their astonishment this assumption has turned out to be...

Articles > Shopping > Fashion Oct 16, 2015
Islamic Prayer Rugs: an Ideal Gifting Option

For every person following Islam, praying or 'Salat' holds utmost importance. Prayer mats also hold equal importance as they are used five times a day by each family member. Keeping this in mind, if...

Articles > Shopping > Clothing Aug 12, 2014
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