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Investment ideas in Singapore

Author: T. K.
by T. K.
Posted: Aug 18, 2015

Are you looking to be rich and trying to find opportunities? Many generations ago Singapore was also one of the places where people came to, in search of riches and to find a place for them to live and leave the place they came from which may be having political turmoil or even famine.

Singapore many generations later is one of the richest nations in the world and one of the leading financial hubs of Asia and the world.

So what are some of the investment ideas that you can look into to make your riches here in Singapore and to find to how to coordinate them and who to work with to grow that pot of gold of yours so that you have wealth for the future and your future generations.

There are various ideas and here I will point out a few and share with you.

1. Property

Singapore is a small island of only about 400+ km square and this means other than to reclaim land which is very costly, Singapore has very little space to build up on and with the limited space there will bound to be demand for property on this small island nation. So with that property is set to go up as less land is available for the demand that is flowing into Singapore. Singapore is also one of the best places to be for an investment in property because of the strict laws that govern the owning of property so you won’t have run away issues, you can sue for bad quality and also when you are trying to sell or rent, you won’t face issues of having to bribe somebody to get things done. Properties like Signature@Yishun EC would be a good investment.

2. Shares and Bonds

Government Bonds are very safe in Singapore. Singapore government has one of the biggest reserves in the world in comparison to the size of her GDP, they have a lot of investment through the two Government linked companies Temasek and GIC and therefore it would be safe to invest in the bonds in Singapore.

Shares in Singapore are slow moving but they have good returns in terms of blue chip dividend shares, for those with small appetites, blue chip shares are a good form of investment in Singapore.

3. Venture Capital for small firms

There have been a strong push for starting up business in Singapore and this is something that people can take advantage of when you are keen to invest money in something that is higher risk.

Since venture firms have high risk, there are also high returns when your investment translate to a buy out or a listing. Start ups can solve any issues nowadays so make your pick and choose something that interest you the most and drop some cash onto the business and see it grow. When the time is right, exit it and reap the efforts you have sown with your investments.

The government is also co funding such investments and this is something everyone should watch out for in the coming months.

About the Author

T.K is a avid writer on business topics, he works with Koh Management Pte Ltd a Singapore Accounting | Payroll | incorporation Firm

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