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Luxury Spa Holidays Abroad: Your Senses Deserve It and Your Body

Author: Anita Bhasin
by Anita Bhasin
Posted: Jun 28, 2022
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You and I need a bit of good pampering every now and then. The five senses also need to rest and you should have more pleasant times to enjoy. Treating yourself to luxury spa holidays abroad is what you deserve and you don’t have to do anything but enjoy being served well like a true senorita.

After working so hard and dealing with life’s challenges, spoil yourself by relaxing in style. Receive some high quality services and treatments performed in a variety of premium accommodations around the world. Your luxury spa holidays abroad should combine tranquility and sophistication while exceeding all your expectation by using impeccable styles and superlative standards of wellness and relation.

Go to Europe for some of the luxuries such as pristine beaches, fragrant citrus groves and ancient wonders. Schedule your golf tee times to coincide with your spa treatments; and you are also guaranteed excellent dining experiences. Some great Europe destinations include Alicante, Milan, Naples, Paphos, Paris, Tenerife, Venice and more.

Consider also North America in your search for luxury spa holidays abroad and discover the hippest hotels and the more traditional ones. Enjoy an exhilarating tour by helicopter, see a spectacular show or book a table at the finest restaurant – North America offers it all in Boston, Florida, Hawaii, Tampa, Vancouver, Toronto, etc.

A place of tropical beauty shouldn’t be left out, the Caribbean. Regardless of what you are looking for – romance, relaxation or adventure – the Caribbean will seduce you without fail. So choose your ideal destination from among these locations: Antigua, Bahamas, Bermuda, Dominican Republic, Jamaica and St Lucia.

The Indian Ocean has Maldives and Mauritius to offer for your luxury spa holidays abroad. Your experiences here would be more than everything that you could ever imagine. Personalized touches, thoughtful services, natural sceneries will make you prolong your stay. Another good thing about these destinations is that you can arrange nearly everything at a moment’s notice.

Other regions worth experiencing include the laid back lifestyle of Cape Town, Johannesburg and Marrakech in Africa, the coasts and the desserts of Abu Dhabi, Dubai and Muscat in the Middle East and the opulent accommodations, hospitality and award winning spas of Bangkok, HongKong, Singapore, Sydney and Tokyo in the Far East and Australia. The UK has its iconic hotels, some gastronomic scenes and designer shopping to enhance your luxury holidays.

Whatever you choose for your wellness and relaxation and whatever the cost, you deserve all the treatments and pampering that will be provided to you and that’s what we believe!

About the Author

This article is written by Anita Bhasin who is the owner of Sanctuary Spa Holidays. Sanctuary Spa Holidays highly experienced team are focused on creating a tailor made Luxury Spa Breaks & Holiday.

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Author: Anita Bhasin

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