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Determine The Effect Of Low Temperature On Plastics

Author: Presto Group
by Presto Group
Posted: Aug 31, 2015

Most Plastics contains a base material which comprises of different properties that are modified by the corporation of fillers or plasticizers. Each base material is the foundations for a group of compositions which is related to the general behavior of the products but different from one another on the basis of the physical properties of the individual material. Such groups of plastics are comprises of urea resins, polymers, nylon, acrylic, ethylene, cellulose, polyvinyl acetal, vinyl ester polymers, urea resins, phenolics, neoprene, caseins, alkyds, etc. groups which are comprises of several different parts and are subdivided into various compositions. Each types represent one or more compositions, each of which is designed to provide better value of some precise property even at the cost of some other property. There are different factors that affect the properties of plastics like general, impact resistance, temperature resistance, moisture resistance and many more. If further divisions are required the type of plastics are classified as per the grades. Each grade of measuring the quality of the plastics represents the restricted number of common materials which are quite similar on the basis of physical and chemical properties. The classification of types, groups and grades of plastics are exactly matches the same as per the standards that are suggested by the standardization authorities in their standards regarding the testing materials.

The test of any plastic product depends upon the fabrication process and design process as on the material itself. The importance of selecting items lies in both fabrication and design of the product that must comply the cold weather operations. The plastic industry develops their practical experience by testing the quality of the plastic in cold weather to make their product resistance to ultra low temperatures. The efficiency of the plastic products even at low temperatures is tested so that the product will not work during their life when kept at low temperatures.

The testing of the plastics can be done efficiently with the help of a testing instrument Ultra Low- Deep Freezer. The instrument helps to create extremely low temperature inside the chamber to analyze the effect of low temperature on the material. The testing instrument offers an approach to analyzing the mechanical behavior of polymers and rubbers at extremely low temperatures. The testing device depicts very simple effect which includes the effect on glass transition, solubility and crystallization apart from other effects that are connected with the plasticizers.

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