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Enjoy Off-Road Sport with Amazing RC Rock Crawlers Available Online

Author: Siggy Maier
by Siggy Maier
Posted: Aug 21, 2015

As a novice hobbyist, you might still believe that speed is everything when it comes to RC cars. After all, you cannot set tracks on fire with a slow truck, and there's simply no fun in that. New racers often have an unquenchable thirst for speed but somewhere down the line, many look for ways to expand their hobby far beyond the confines of the streets and their lapped tracks. Those who have been racing for quite some time often seek challenge elsewhere, and many of them find great enjoyment in slinging dirt and crawling rocks off-road. If you are thinking to explore other aspects of RC, rock crawling is a great go-to RC Hobby to try.

Rock crawlers are robust RC trucks that are specifically designed (or modified) to climb and crawl over rocks and rough off-road terrains and obstacle courses, that ordinary RC trucks, particularly speedy race trucks simply cannot handle. RC rock crawling has grown tremendously as a hobby sport throughout the years. These days, rock crawlers are not only made to negotiate tough rock piles. Crawlers now include rock racers, technical rock crawlers, and trail rigs, which can do so much more than tackle rocky paths.

Technical rock crawling involves getting your truck to crawl over nearly impossible obstacles. This sport is joined by hobbyists who are fond of their radical, killer, purpose-built machines. If you refuse to give up your need for speed, rock racing is definitely for you. This full-scale race sport is the perfect sport if you want the best of both worlds. It combines different elements of rock racing with off-road speed, and ridiculous obstacles. However, if the mud and noise are too much for you to handle, trail rigs provide you with a more laid back alternative. While trail rigs aren't necessarily competition machines, they still climb rocks like a mountain goat, perfect for when cruising with friends. Trail rig enthusiasts love decking out their trucks with all kinds of scale details, much like ordinary RC cars, but the difference is that they can drive those places where normal trucks can't dare go.

RC rock crawling is becoming an increasingly diverse sport, and RC enthusiasts are only looking to expand their experiences with other things that their machines can do. If you want to try out other RC-based sports, there are many places that you can go to online to feed your hobby without breaking the bank.

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RC Hobbies Outlet sells Radio or Remote Control Hobby Products. Their primary products are RC Cars, RC Trucks, RC Buggies, and RC Crawlers; however they also sell some RC airplanes, RC Helicopters, and RC Boats. They provide very affordable, quality products, and back them with a 1 year warranty and an extensive inventory of parts. For more information visit their site

About the Author

RC Hobbies Outlet sells Radio or Remote Control Hobby Products.

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Author: Siggy Maier

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