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Siggy Maier


Member since: Aug 02, 2014
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Advanced Remote Control Cars Improve Racing Skills

If you want to enter Radio Control (RC) Hobbies, or improve your RC racing skills, it is important that you have the right tools in hand. Radio controlled cars or trucks —those self-powered...

Articles > Shopping > Other Aug 28, 2014
Electric Rc Cars: Versatile and Easy to Use

Remote control car engines are generally classified into two: electric and nitro-powered. Many expert RC owners and hobbyists agree that electric RC cars are the better choice for beginners because...

Articles > Shopping > Other Feb 04, 2015
Enjoy off-Road Sport with Amazing Rc Rock Crawlers Available Online

As a novice hobbyist, you might still believe that speed is everything when it comes to RC cars. After all, you cannot set tracks on fire with a slow truck, and there's simply no fun in that. New...

Articles > Shopping > Automotive Aug 21, 2015
Feel the Thrill of Nitro Rc Truck Racing

Nitro RC trucks have been an all-time popular choice for RC Hobbyists because of their off-road capabilities, and the excitement and the realistic noise and smoke that their nitro engines produce...

Articles > Shopping > Other Dec 03, 2015
Feel the Thrill of Racing with High-Quality Rc Trucks

RC trucks are popular with RC racers and enthusiasts, who prefer to drive off-road. These RC trucks offer amazing handling and speed on rough terrains like dirt tracks, grass, and rocky / pebbly...

Articles > Shopping > Other Nov 25, 2015
Get Rc Trucks for Sale Online at Very Competitive Prices

The RC world is always welcoming to newcomers who wish to tap into the exciting realm of radio controlled hobbies. Cars and trucks are great introductory RC vehicles that you can try out if you want...

Articles > Shopping > Other Dec 28, 2015
How to Select High Quality Nitro Rc Cars Online

In the world of RC cars, age doesn’t matter. Anyone who loves cars and enjoys tinkering with moving parts will get hours of enjoyment from these vehicles. That said, this is a serious hobby. A lot...

Articles > Shopping > Other Jul 31, 2015
Rc Drift Cars Opens Up a Whole New World of Rc Racing

A new craze in RC car racing, that it generating a lot of excitement and fun, is RC drift car racing. Imagine driving around a race course completely sideways with your RC drift car, on some drift...

Articles > Shopping > Other Aug 03, 2014
Rc Trucks for Sale: Real off-Road Feeling

Off road racing is taking off as a popular hobby for RC enthusiasts. Radio controlled racers who want to expand their RC experience often turn to larger, more robust trucks that can take on different...

Articles > Automotive > Cars Sep 02, 2015
Feel the Thrill of Racing Rc Trucks

If you've ever been to a monster truck rally or happened to catch one on TV, there is no denying the attraction, thrill and excitement these rock-climbing, obstacle-crushing trucks can bring...

Articles > Shopping > Other Nov 06, 2014
Radio Controlled Trucks - Tough, Durable and Reliable

Are you ready to get in on the exhilarating sport of racing, crawling, and bashing RC trucks? Then it’s time you buy your first remote-controlled truck online. There are RC trucks for every kind of...

Articles > Shopping > Other Jan 08, 2015
Rc Drift Cars for Drift Racing

We often get excited when we watch a close car race, or a car chase scene in a movie,, and we imagine what it would be like to drive those cars as they race around the track, or through city streets...

Articles > Shopping > Other Aug 03, 2014
Rc Drift Cars: Excitement and Enjoyment

Drifting has become more than just a trick performed only by serious RC enthusiasts. It is now considered a must-learn skill in many RC racing circles. Thanks to Hollywood movies that put the...

Articles > Shopping > Other Feb 04, 2015
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