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Eyelash Extension Course - Your Clients Will Show Off Their Beautiful Eyes!

Author: Melvin Ferdick
by Melvin Ferdick
Posted: Aug 24, 2015
eyelash extensions

Eyelash extension, the secret of all the famous celebrities has now become popular among various beauty conscious women all over the world. Times have changed and eyelash extensions are no longer seen just in fashion magazines or on the red carpet. They are now easily available for everyone. Add luscious eyelashes to your eyes to light up your face by eyelash extensions. There are a number of experts who provide courses and training for eyelash extensions. If you’re planning to set up your salon, then these courses would really help you.

Importance of eyelash extension course:

Eyelash extension courses are the most popular services being offered in beauty clinics. If you’re trained in this then you can definitely have a growing number of customers as one won’t be able to live without rich and thick eyelashes once they see the results. As the customers would come again and again for maintaining and filling the lashes, you’ll definitely make profits.

By joining eyelash extensions training Dubai, UAE, you get the benefit of adding professional services to your salon. These courses also offer workshops and hands on training that can make you better and confident while providing the services.

The technique that you use for eyelash extension should be able to give a natural appearance to the customer to satisfy him. Apart from enhancing the length and thickness, eyelash extensions can make your eyes look attractive. To keep the proper vigor of the eyelashes, one would need a retouch every two to three weeks. Only a trained beauty technician can give a perfect look by giving the perfect eyebrows and the comfortable application procedure for eyelash application. Eyebrows should be shaped based on the person’s face and if you’re not sure how to shape them properly based on the type of face, then taking Eyebrows Extensions supplier Dubai UAE could help you give the perfect eyebrow to your client.

Procedure of Extension:

The process of eyelash extension is time consuming and demands total attention from the beauty technician. The process is tedious and can take around two to three hours based on the thickness and nature of the eyelashes of the client. Genuine courses will provide all instructions on fixing and applying the artificial eyelashes. They also guide you where to get the Eyelash extensions and the best Eyelash Extensions Training Dubai UAE by giving you details of the best Eyebrows Extensions supplier Dubai UAE.

The artificial eyelashes would need to be placed precisely in the natural eyelashes in a way the eyelash is independent and doesn’t touch the eyelash that is next to it. If the eyelash extensions are not placed carefully, it may make the client look funny and unnatural and hence the customer would not be satisfied with your services. The single eyelash extensions should be placed on natural lashes. Placing more than one eyelash extension can cause harm to the follicle of natural hair. If the eyelash extensions are placed in a clustered manner, then the natural eyelashes won’t grow back naturally. If the eyelash extensions are applied improperly, then it will result in clustered shedding of eyelashes leaving hairless and empty spaces in the eyelids. Hence, considering all these factors in mind, joining a course will help in perfecting the art of giving authentic eyelash extensions to the client.

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