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Everything You Need To Know About Hair Extensions

Author: Liang Sun
by Liang Sun
Posted: Apr 01, 2019

Hair extensions are the new wave! Whether you’re getting extensions for protective styling, to add some volume, or add length, extensions offer versatility and no commitment to a particular hairstyle. With so many hair extensions on the market deciding on what type, length, color, or texture is a hassle. So if you are a pro at purchasing hair extensions or purchasing hair extensions for the first time, here's the perfect guide in helping you find everything you need to know about hair extensions.


Synthetic hair is cost-effective and is an excellent choice if you are looking for a new look for a short period of time. Synthetic hair is not ideal for anyone planning to use heat. You cannot curl or straighten synthetic hair without running the risk of burning or damaging it. Synthetic hair is made up of manufactured fibers to emulate real hair. This type of hairs styled at the time of purchase.

Pros and Cons Of Synthetic Hair Extensions


  • Can be worn straight from the package

  • They are weather resistant

  • Color remains intact

  • They are easy to take care of

  • Most affordable


  • Can appear shiny and unnatural

  • Cannot be washed or styled with heat

  • Only worn in one style

  • Cannot be dyed

  • Does not last as long as human hair extensions

Human Hair Extensions

Human hair is a step up from synthetic hair. It adopts natural hair and can last up to eight months with numerous installs with proper care. Human hair also offers versatility synthetic hair does not. You can style your human hair extensions in various hairstyles, whether curled or straight these extensions withstands the heat applied to it as if it were natural hair. You also can color it. Human hair is also put through some processing to improve the appearance because cuticles are not facing the same way.


  • Natural and realistic looking

  • Easy to maintain

  • Easy to dye

  • Heating tools are allowed

  • Great longevity


  • Cuticles are not facing the same way

  • A bit more expensive than synthetic hair

  • Processed

Remy Hair Extensions

Remy hair extensions are also versatile and natural with many similarities to human hair extensions. Remy hair maintains its natural movement and appearance up to a year. It is also heat resistant so creating various hairstyles and colors are not issues. Remy hair cuticles are intact and face the same direction so no tangling or shedding should occur. There a numerous textures as well: MALAYSIAN, PERUVIAN, and Brazilian.


  • Can color

  • Heating tools are allowed

  • Great longevity

  • Cuticles are intact and facing the same direction

  • Plenty of textures offered


  • Bit expensive

Virgin Hair Extensions

Virgin Hair Extensions are one hundred percent natural and unprocessed human hair. Virgin hairs not processed or dyed and only available in its natural color. Virgin hair is always remy hair, but remy hair is not always virgin hair.


  • No chemicals, completely unprocessed

  • Hand selected

  • Healthy donor

  • Only one donor

  • Great longevity

  • Can color

  • Heating tools are allowed

  • Cuticles are intact and facing the same direction


  • Expensive

  • Takes proper care


Clip in extensions is also known as a clip in wefts and come in a strand of contoured pieces attached at the base with fabric or silicone. Clips are attached to this base and are ready to use out of the package. All you have to do is clip in pieces to the roots of your natural hair. Each clip opens and close quickly. Clip in hair extensions is not a permanent style of extensions because they are easily applied and removed. Clip in extensions takes around 5-15 minutes to apply. Clip in hair extensions is also the least damaging because they do not involve chemicals, heat, or pressure and removed everyday. These are the many reasons why clip in extensions is a popular hair extensions type.


Human clip in hair extensions is low maintenance. They should be washed every 10-15 wear depending on product usage and daily activities. Just like human hair you must brush, shampoo, and condition the hair and let them air dry. Human hair extensions can be curled, straightened, and colored. Be sure to use low heat and heat protectants before styling.

How Long Do They Last?

Clip-ins last anywhere between 3-6 months, upwards a year or even longer depending on how well kept they are. You will also need to factor in what products you use and how often you wear them.

How To Install Clip-In Extensions?

Step One: Lay your extensions or wefts on a flat surface, putting them together in like sizes.

Step Two: Part your hair wherever you usually do.

Step Three: Section off hair perpendicularly from your part down to your ear.

Step Four: Hold a section using a hair clip.

Step Five: Repeat steps two to three on the opposite side of your head.

Step Six: At the back of your head, section off the bottom inch of hair and clip the rest away.

Step Seven: Select the weft that best fits the section clipped off. Continue doing so for each section.

Step Eight: Backcomb the roots where clips are placed.

Step Nine: Open up the clips on the first weft.

Step Ten: Secure the weft clip on the top of the backcombed section.

Step Eleven: Once all the clips are snapped closed, brush hair.

Step Twelve: A half inch up from the first section, create the next section of hair.

Step Thirteen: Continue process up to your head.

Step Fourteen: Once you near the top portion where you part your hair. Create a section on the side if the head with more hair, about half an inch above the weft.

Step Fifteen: Backcomb and add wefts with a single clip.

Step sixteen: Snap the clip closed and smooth the hair over.

Step Seventeen: On the side of the part with less hair, backcomb your hair and place a weft with one clip.

Step Eighteen: Snap the clip closed and smooth the hair over.

Step Nineteen: Take down the rest of your hair and style as desired.

Tape In Hair Extensions

Tape in extensions is exactly what you think they are! The extensions are pre-taped and then taped or glued together on either side of your hair. Generally, a hair professional will apply tape-ins, unlike clip ins which is done either in home or at the hair salon. Tape ins need to be aligned with the roots and applied with a heated tool that heats the glue. The removal process is done with a glue remover and then reinstalled. Naturally, there will be some damage. This process takes around 40 minutes to 1 hour to apply, and if the extensions are well taken care of and re-used.


With tape-in extensions be careful when using conditioners or hair products because this can cause the tape to come loose or slip off. Ask your hairdresser for recommended shampoo, conditioner, and styling products that are not harsh and not as oily to ensure the glue continues to stick. Style your tape in extensions as you would your real hair. Also, watch out for the roots where the glue and tape is.

How Long Do They Last?

Tape ins are "semi-permanent." Typically, they last between 4-8 weeks before you remove them and re-apply them. Deciding factors are on how quickly your hair grows and how well you take care of them.

Sew-In Hair Extensions

Sew-ins are applied by braiding your hair into cornrows first, then using a needle and thread to sew the weave into the braid or cornrow. This method used amongst African American women due to the thickness of their hair. The weaving application is lengthy and takes a few hours to install.


Be sure to moisturize your scalp, nape, and the edges of your hair at least once a week. Ensure you are using deep conditioning products. Wash your hair with a protein product to minimize damage and weakening of the hair. After each wash be sure to dry your braids underneath the extensions under a hairdryer. Not properly drying your hair can lead to mold.

How Long Do They Last?

It is recommended to remove the sew-in every 6-8 months. The maximum amount of time is four months. Anything passed this will affect your hair growth and cause matting.

Fusions And Pre-Bonded Hair Extensions

Fusion hair extensions/bonding or pre-bonded are fused to natural hair using a different adhesive such as glue. Applying pre-bonded hair extensions take about 3-4 hours to apply and applied by a professional hairstylist. Fusion extensions are damaging to your natural hair. The application involves a machine that looks like a hot glue gun, which glues the hair to individual strands of the natural hair. Another application typically uses a heat clamp to melt the glue to the natural hair.


Fusion/pre-bonded are treated the same way as your real hair. You can use the same products that you normally use. The extensions need repositioning every 2-3 months as your hair grows. This method can cause hair loss, breakage, and scalp irritation.

How Long Do They Last?

Fusion extensions are semi-permanent as they stay in your hair up to 4 months. Like all types of hair extensions, the time frames fluctuate due to different hair type, hair growth, and products used.

Microlink Hair Extensions

Microlink is also known as micro bead hair extensions or micro loop hair extensions. Micro link extensions apply by attaching tiny wefts of hair too small sections of the natural hair with a small silicone-lined bead. Then, a tool is used to secure the bead to the hair and tightened to hold it into place. Due to the pressure placed on the roots, a professional should install and remove your extensions. This method takes approximately 2-4 hours to apply.


Microlink extensions can wash them the same way you would your natural hair and use the same styling products. Similar to fusion hair extensions, micro link hair extensions need repositioning every 2-3 months as the natural hair grows and microbeads move away from the scalp.

How Long Do They Last?

Micro link hair extensions are considered semi-permanent and generally last up to 4 months.


The best method to match your color is to match the extensions to the ends of your hair against the ends of the extensions.


Most people have a slight natural wave to their hair, so body wave is ideal. If the client's hair is curly determine the similar curl pattern. Lastly, with straight hair- use a finer, straight set of extensions.


We do not recommend sleeping with your hair extensions clipped in, as it will cause excessive tangling which can be damaging to the extensions as well as your hair. Recommend to remove your extensions every night before bed. If you plan to keep them in, wrap them up in a silk or satin hair scarf.


Regardless of which type of hair extensions you choose, be sure to consult a hair extension technician or seller to understand the best extensions for your daily routine fully. Be sure your extensions are not applied too tightly to your scalp as that can cause stress to your scalp and damage your hair. Keep yourself informed and do not be afraid to ask questions when purchasing your extensions. Have more questions? Anything we did not cover in everything you need to know about hair extensions?

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