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How Many Hair Extensions Do You Need?

Author: Yuan Chen
by Yuan Chen
Posted: Dec 27, 2017

When we get an inquiry from another client who has had extensions sometime recently, we more often than not ask "Do you know how many extensions you need?" Some know precisely what coverage they have yet others do not understand, or what they really need is altogether different from what they think they need. It's nothing unexpected truly as salons and freelance extensionists are utilizing many distinctive approaches to calculate coverage. In this way, regardless of whether you're simply considering having Peruvian extensions connected or you're an accomplished wearer, in the event that you'd get a kick out of the chance to how many Peruvian hair extensions would be appropriate for you, read on.

When looking at the cost of extensions - this implies is how many individual extensions are connected to accomplish your desired look with Peruvian extensions

A Quarter Head is approx. 50 micro-bonds (2-3 lines)

A Half Head is approx. 100 micro-bonds (3-4 lines)

A Three Quarter Head is approx. 150 micro-bonds (5-6 lines)

Full Head is approx. 200 micro-bonds (7-8 columns)

Not following these standards makes it unimaginable for you to analyze costs. A few salons utilize the measure of length included or the measure of lines connected or the weight of the used to calculate coverage.

Length included - a few salons consider including only a few inches in length as a Full Head, regardless of how many bonds are connected. What's more, in light of the fact that only 100 bonds can be sufficient to add bunches of length to longer, Thin/Fine and Fine/Average hair, a few salons name what is very a Half Head as a Full Head.

Rows connected - a few salons consider 6 lines of Peruvian extensions to be a standard Full Head. However, it takes far less hair to assemble 6 columns of extensions for clients with fine/thin density hair than it improves the situation those with average or thick density hair. Truth be told, we, for the most part, find that around 150 micro-bonds are needed for 6 lines, which is in actuality a 3/4 Head, while our Full Head of 200 extensions is typically enough to apply up to 8 columns.

The weight of hair connected - let's be genuine, how might you even know where in the first place this? The weight of every extension shifts as indicated by ethnicity and length, i.e. all micro bond extensions are generally a similar density however Indian hair is heavier than European hair and an 18" extension will measure more than a 10" extension. As a consequence, a 100-gram bundle of 10" hair will create many more extensions than a 100-gram bundle of 18" hair. Unless you work in the extensions industry, how might you even know where to start? We have seen cases of only 30 grams of 10" hair being portrayed as a Half Head. 30 grams of 10" hair creates around 65 micro-bonds, a third not as much as the business standard 100 bonds. Would you know how to calculate this? Obviously, you wouldn't.

Not utilizing the business standard prevents you from settling on an educated decision. Regularly, costs give off an impression of being lower than they really are, it's only at the consultation that clients with Average/Thick and Thick hair are given a far higher cost. More terrible still, a few clients are paying for what they accept is a full head of extensions when truly they are having substantially less connected.

How Many Peruvian Extensions Do You Need?

This truly relies on the density and length of your regular hair, and the look you need to accomplish.

1. Hair Density

To start with, you need to realize what sort of density your hair is. This does not mean how thick every individual but rather how much hair you have. We have clients which are exceptionally coarse and thick but since they don't have a great deal of it, generally speaking, their hair density is Fine/Average. We additionally have clients with fine individual hairs yet parcels and loads of it, making their general hair thick and thick.

Mid Length, Thin/Fine Hair

Mid-length, thin/fine hair takes one moment or 2 to impact dry, is 'see through' at bounce length, when tied back the ponytail is extremely meager. This frequently unmanageable and when developed to the medium length it's thin and wispy.

Ali Larter's photograph was as well as could be expected concocted to demonstrate. When we look superstar image we found a different style of their hair which are well maintained, they were either wearing extensions to include volume or were donning the shortest of pixie crops!

Mid Length Fine/Average

Mid-length fine/average like Cameron's takes around 3-4 minutes to impact dry, it can be tied into a respectable yet not exceptionally weighty ponytail. At the point when developed past medium length, this compose needs weight and volume

Mid Length Average/Thick Hair

Mid-length average/thick takes around 5 minutes to impact dry. At the point when tied back the ponytail is weighty and thick. Hair like Rosie's is extremely flexible and suits an assortment of trims. It has a tendency to be strong and solid.

Mid Length Very Thick Hair

Mid-length thick hair takes up to 10 minutes to impact dry. At the point when tied back, the overwhelming ponytail is thick and thick. Clients with hair like Mila's frequently whine that it's too thick.

2. Hair Length

Next, you need to look at the length of your common hair.

Short Hair

In the event that you have short hair like Danni

To include length you will need -

Thin/Fine hair - will need up to a full head

Fine/Average hair - will need a full head.

Average/Thick and Very Thick hair - will need a full head in addition to

Regardless of whether you only have your hair stretched out on your shoulders, heaps of extensions are needed to mix with short hair. On the off chance that excessively few extensions are utilized, the outcome will be stringy, unnatural and could abandon you with a 'top' - this is the place the shortest layer of the regular hair does not mix and can unmistakably be seen.

3.Chin to Shoulder Length

On the off chance that like Fern your hair is Chin to Shoulder Length

Thin/Fine hair - around 75-100 extensions would be needed to add up to 12" in length.

For longer lengths and heaps of volume 100-150 extensions are needed.

Fine/Medium hair - to include hair that is around 12" long approx. 100-125 extensions are needed. For longer lengths and loads of volume 125-175 extensions are needed.

Medium/Thick hair - around 12" hair can be included with 125-175 extensions. For longer length and bunches of volume 150-200 extensions are needed.

Thick hair - around 12" lengths can be included with 150-200 extensions. For longer lengths and bunches of volume at least, 200 extensions are needed.

4.Past Shoulder Length

In the event that like Jennifer is Past Shoulder Length

Thin/Fine hair - Up to 16" length can be included with around 100 extensions. Longer lengths and heaps of volume can be included with around 100-125 extensions.

Fine/Average hair - Up to 16" length can be added with 100 to 150 extensions, heaps of length and volume can be included with 125-175 extensions.

Average/Thick hair - Hair of around 16" long can be included with 125-175 extensions, heaps of length and volume can be included with around 150-200 extensions.

Thick hair - around 175-200 extensions would need to include 16" hair, longer lengths can be included with around at least 200 extensions.

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Yuan Chen is a Manager at T1Hairs - Online Hair Extension Company. He has more than 6 years of experience in Hairdressing Industry and has a good reputation in this field.

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