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Finding out the reason to incorporate Singapore company

Author: T. K.
by T. K.
Posted: Sep 09, 2015

Are you someone with a dream or are you someone with a skill set that you would like to make good use of and do a business out of. Setting up a company in Singapore using Singapore company incorporation services is easy. You will be required to pay some fees, have your identification documents ready, have the name ready, and know who your director and shareholders are and you can start a business. But why should you set up your camp in Singapore and not the rest of the world or go to the USA and do it from there.

Singapore has in the past few years been very supportive of start-up business and this is one of the big shifts of the country as the country tries to generate the next big company that will bring the country forward. There is also a focus on big data and medical start-up that can bring in more jobs for the country. Singapore in this case will be providing lots of funding and also support for the start-ups to allow them to build and grow their company in Singapore.

Venture capital firms are also abundant in Singapore because of the financial hub Singapore is. Singapore is able to attract many venture capital firms and also banks to allow good loans to companies that are able to do well. The government is also very supportive with grants and support for those who are willing to step up and start a business on their own.

In Singapore the tax rates are also very low and for start-up companies, for the first 3 years you get up to $100,000 exemptions on your profits which is a great for any business because this means you save a lot on taxes and can push it back to your business and grow the pie to make it bigger for everyone to share.

You should also find out more about how easy it is to do business in Singapore with licenses and incorporation done within the day and being able to work with strong professional service providers to provide good service so that you do not need to worry about working on such business components.

Why you should set up a company in Singapore

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