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Interesting facts about Singapur-that you not know

Author: Kailash Dharaniya
by Kailash Dharaniya
Posted: Apr 09, 2019

Why is Singapore the most different-interesting facts about SingaporeWho does not like to walk apart from working in life? Every person goes to revive somewhere for happiness in their life, and when it comes to traveling abroad, we first remember Singapore. Singapore is much smaller than the rest of the country but there is a lot of places to visit here. Singapore is spread over just 719 square kilometers, so we can estimate how small it is.Facts about singapur, Facts about Singapur in hindi.Hindi singapur facts, Hindi facts singapur, some interesting interesting facts related to Singapore, Singapur history in hindi

Friends will talk about Asia's most beautiful and most amazing Singapore, whose offical name is Republic of singapur. Here is Capital City, the largest city in the city. Singapore is not just a country but a huge city too. The offical Langauge is here with English as well. The population here is 56 lakhs. Here's the Carency SINGAPUR running, which is equal to 50.46 Indian Rupees. Singapore is about 4000 km away from India.Facts about AMAZON (India's largest online store) in Hindi Why is Singapore the most different-interesting facts about SingaporeSingapore's name- The name Singapore is derived from the Malayan language of Singpur, meaning that the name of Singapore means - the city of lions. The famous Merlion has been built in Singapore due to the city of lions, it is statue of a lion, and Statu is Singapore's most famous.

The lack of skyscrapers in Singapore- We think Singapore is such a prosperous country, so here you will definitely have skyscrapers like Dubai, but there are many beautiful buildings in Singapore, but not all the buildings are more than 280 meters, because 280 meters from Singapore Building a longer building is illegal because Singapore's airport is the busiest airport in the world.

Lack of cars- The smaller the Singaporean country, the more millionaires it is. Most people in Singapore have a lot of trouble to keep cars because apart from the cost of taking car in Singapore, the legal cost of the car has to be given to the government for one and a half times the value of that car. If the cost of a car is? 1 lakh then the government will have to deposit one and a half lakh rupees before that.How To Make Fun Junk In Youtube | Youtube facts in hindiThe honest and least country of corruption- According to a report, Singapore is the most honest country in the world, does not betray any country. Along with the country of Singapore, the citizens there are also very honest. Singapore is the fifth country in the world with the least corruption and is the least corrupt country of the continent '.

People from Singapore- 74% Chinese people in Singapore, 12.4% Malai people and 10% Indians reside, of which 33.2% belong to Buddhism, 19% of Christianity, 14% Muslims and 5% of Hindu religion. Reside.

History of Singapore- By 1963 Britain was occupied by Singapore. After 1963, Britain merged Singapore into Malaysia, after just 2 years, in 1965, Singapore separated from Malaysia, and Singapore emerged as a new country in the world. Today Singapore is one of the world's richest and most famous countries.

HUG-ME MACHINE- There is a machine named HUG-ME in Singapore, this machine can take a Coca-Cola for free while we embrace it, and every time we embrace it, we will give Coca Cola drink free of charge.

Some other interesting things about Singapore-

Chingam chewing or exporting of Cheungmam in Singapore is a fine of $ 1000, Chingam is completely closed in Singapore. In Singapore, there is a fine of $ 150 for not to flush in toilets. Singapore is the third richest country in the world. Macau, Vatican City and Singapore are the only three countries in the world that have a country as well as a city.

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