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Why Corporate Training Videos and Their Transcription Is Vital

Author: Julie Clements
by Julie Clements
Posted: Sep 23, 2015

Corporate training videos serve as a very efficient communication tool and digital video transcription provides highly engaging, multi-media content for employees to learn new topics including new technologies. Employees can go through the transcripts of training lessons at any time to clear their doubts and improve their performance. A detailed look at the importance of corporate training videos and their transcription will bring to light certain significant points.

Critical Role of Corporate Training Videos

>> Reduce Training Cost – Setting up a physical training facility is expensive, time-consuming and resource intensive. By collaborating video into training sessions, companies can reduce the extensive planning and coordination needed for in-person courses; eliminate the need for a physical training facility and thereby save a lot of money, time and effort. Employees need not repeat the course if they miss or can’t meet the schedule as there is anytime playback. The recorded videos can still deliver the information.

>> Improve Business Results – Training videos are more personal and support one-on-one interaction that was not possible with virtual classes. In this way, they are expected to improve the efficiency of employees and drive business results.

>> Provide Training to a Variety of Employees – Every employee has his/her own learning style and training videos fit into all this. It is possible to use video collaboration for onboarding, continuing education, flexible work environments, telework, Bring-Your-Own-Device (BYOD) offices and mobility initiatives. Employees can access their training sessions from anywhere.

>> Maintain Interest – The level of interaction supported by training videos improves employee engagement in a better way compared to a lecture. With training videos, key information including product details, support knowledge and selling strategies can be delivered to a large audience in such a way that each one of them feels they are being mentored personally. This will maintain interest in employees and persuade them to learn better.

>> No Need to Travel – With video training, employees need not travel to reach the training facility or disrupt day-to-day jobs. Video sessions connect employees to subject matter experts all over the world without the company needing to bring such experts. This saves additional costs and increases the quality of training.

Benefits of Video Transcription

>> Help Employees with Hearing Challenges – By adding closed captions and transcriptions to your training videos, you can make employees with hearing challenges understand the training sessions better.

>> Improve Retention and Comprehension – Closed captions and transcriptions can also enhance retention and comprehension. They allow employees to focus more and determine the real meaning behind what is said. More than that, reading and hearing at the same time can make employees remember the lessons better.

>> Translation to Foreign Languages – With employees coming from different time zones and culture, captions and transcriptions will make training materials accessible for those employees whose first language is not English. Creating subtitles in foreign languages can be very helpful.

>> Makes Content More Searchable – Training videos may not be searchable online if not tagged appropriately. Since search engines can crawl and tag text content, it is very important to create video transcripts to make your videos searchable for employees.

As most organizations have only limited time to prepare training videos, it is always practical to rely on a transcription service provider for preparing the transcripts. While choosing a provider, attach importance to quality. For example, proper synchronization allows the employees to find content in a video quickly once they search for a specific content within the video. If they are not properly synchronized, the video will not become easily searchable, which would pose difficulties to the employees. Reliable transcription companies provide three-level quality assurance with proofreaders and editors to ensure maximum accuracy.

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Author: Julie Clements

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