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Learn more about properties in Singapore

Author: T. K.
by T. K.
Posted: Sep 23, 2015

Types of property or real estate in SG

Singapore is a small nation with lots of people and within this small land size, there is a need to house them and to have amenities for entertainment for this people. This has driven up prices and this has also caused a strain for the infrastructure that are available for this country.

If you are someone based in Singapore you might be aware of the different type of property that you can buy and you can own and invest in buy for someone who is new to the system and have no idea about Singapore property then you might need to read this article to find out more about Singapore property.

There are 3 main types of property in Singapore and there are some that only locals can own and there are some that foreigners can buy and own and there are also other items such as taxes that you might want to be concern about because it would mean that you have to pay quite a sum of money to own this property in Singapore.

1. HDB or Housing Development Board Flats

HDB flats are subsidized flats that house 80% of Singaporeans and this are the most common type of property and also the cheapest, only Singaporeans and permanent residents can own this property and there is no way that a foreigner can fully own it at all. This is to allow the Singaporeans to all have a roof over their heads.

2. Condominiums

This are the most common investment type properties that any foreigners can buy and get for investment or for staying in purposes. This are very good investment property types because they are normally located in good locations and with the ever expanding economy there is very little land where developers can build on and to expand into.

3. Landed housing

Landed housing are those that are built on a piece of land and not high rise, this are very popular form of housing for locals because this shows their wealth. This types of property are not allowed to be sold to foreigners and this makes it difficult for foreigners to own such properties in Singapore.

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