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A Simple Guide on How to Grow Pecan Trees

Author: Deborah Martin
by Deborah Martin
Posted: Oct 26, 2015

Pecan trees are native to North, south, and central America. They grow best in the deep, loamy soils. Their buttery nuts are baked into sweet desserts and pies, and the pecan wood can be used for flooring and to make furniture. Basically, growing a pecan tree usually start with planting pot-grown or a bare-root tree in a spot away from obstacles and buildings. The pecan tree will mature within 2 to 3 years, and they need plenty of water so as to produce hearty nuts.

Choosing a Planting Site and a Variety

  1. Learn about different varieties. There are different pecan tree’s varieties that grow to different sizes and also produce distinct nuts. You can find pecan trees that can grow to form a tall shade that will grow to over 30 m or a pecan tree that will produce reliably flavourful and plump, there is a variety that will meet your needs. Try and choose a variety that's known to grow very well in your region, taking disease resistance and winter hardiness.
  2. Pick planting spot that is sunny with plenty of room. Pecan trees are capable of growing to over 30m tall, and they also have root systems that can stretch very deep and wide. Pecan trees need plenty of space. Make sure that there are no other trees or buildings nearby. Pecan trees could damage smaller trees or buildings with the falling branches as the tree grows bigger.
  3. Make sure that the soil is deep and well-drained. Such a type of soil is the best for pecans, since they are native to soils in river valleys. Pecan trees prefer sandy loam soil but can also be planted in heavier soils as well, as long as the soil is well-draining. Light or rocky soil is a difficult environment for pecan trees.
  4. Choose between a container tree and a bare-root tree. Pecan trees are commonly sold as bare root trees. Bare root trees are baby trees that are no more than a few feet tall. Container trees can also be found, trees that are grown this way are a few years older.
  5. Plant the pecan trees the day you buy them. Exposing the trees to dry air and heat will cause the roots of the tree to dry out. Remember that they need to be kept very moist. They can die very quickly when they dry out

Planting the Pecan Tree

  1. Examine your tree before planting it.
  2. Dig a hole as deep as the taproot for planting.
  3. Set the tree in the hole.
  4. Fill the hole
  5. Top the tree. Prune the top half of the tree. This procedure is called topping. It encourages the pecan tree to grow healthy roots instead of putting energy into keeping the leaves alive.
  6. Paint the trunk. This is to protect the tree from sun damage. You can use white latex paint. Paint the tree from the point where the trunk exits the ground up to the very first set of branches.
  7. Mulch the tree. Use about six inches of leaves or pine straw.

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