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Role A Marriage Counselor Can Play In Saving Your Marriage

Author: Lincoln Scoffield
by Lincoln Scoffield
Posted: Oct 05, 2015

While considering marriage or couples counseling in Bethesda MD, one question that inevitably comes to your mind is – will it really work? In this article we will be considering some objective information based upon real life data collected from surveys, counselors and also people who have attended the counseling courses in order to find out if visiting a therapist can actually work in your favor and if it possibly can, then what is the extent it can actually affect and improve your conjugal relationship.

Every honest couple or marriage counselor will agree to the fact that it is the motivation of the concerned couple which is the single most important factor for any successful marriage counseling. If any one of the couple is not motivated enough to continue with the relationship then even the brightest of the counselors won’t be able to save that relationship. On the other hand even a mediocre counselor can be successful in saving a relationship where both the spouses are serious about reconciliation and are also committed to making their marriage survive the temporary tension between them. That means, you can never solely depend upon a counselor or therapist in Bethesda MD for reconciliation between you and your spouse as the success of the therapy depends more upon your own willingness than the efficiency of the marriage counselor.

Couples going for counseling in order to make their marriages work find themselves in a different situation that needs somebody from outside to take control and tell them to do things those are necessary to continue any relationship. We are living at a time when we have little time for ourselves and it is only natural that our relationships suffer. Moreover with time we tend to start taking our relationships for granted and it the job of a counselor to make you understand that you still need to spend some quality time with each other and enjoy life together without which no husband wife relationship can ever succeed. It is also the job of a counselor to help in improving the communication between you and your partner, for you can actually solve a number of problems by being frank and better communicating your thoughts and emotions to your partner. If the guidance provided by couples counseling is sincerely followed, there is more than 70% chance for a marriage to survive.

Some of the common problems found to create issues in marriages are jealousy, abusive or dominating behavior, lack of trust, conflict in interests and likings etc. and if you are sincere about not allowing your marriage a premature death, you need to identify the real problem and solve it. With expert guidance that you can have from couples counseling, you can certainly bring in some positive changes and can expect for happier days. Finding a couples or marriage counselor in Bethesda or Reston VA is not a problem, for most of these counselors are now available online. For knowing more about the benefits of marriage counseling, please visit

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Lincoln Scoffield is a celebrated counselor and therapist in Bethesda who also likes to help people get through their everyday confidence issues and anxiety problems. He does so with the help of his services as well as through the many articles and blogs he writes, frequently giving out advice and tips to those who need it. He recommends as one of the best counselors.

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Author: Lincoln Scoffield

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